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Mayne one of you can tell me what happened.I was going to take a look at how many hrs that are on my truck.(I know I was not doing it right but I tried anyway, I know the key should be on first)ok.I turned the key to accessory (not run) I pushed in the trip reset on the dash, held it in looking for the Hrs.nothing, when I released it showed the trip millage, pushed it a second time, it reset the trip.so I pushed it again, and one more time for a total of 4 times. While holding it in the last time I turned the key to run. 8| 8| 8| 8| The dash lights up, flashes, gauges start moving (not normally) where the millage is it shows the (idiot light) for the fog lights then a letter (and where the millage was is it was showing a row of numbers they changed as the lights and gauges changed? It cycled like this for a while then stopped. I turned it off and walked away.What was that all about?I never cycled the key 3 times to retrieve the codes(no cel) I Put the key in and turn it ti the first stop (accessory) ,pushed in the button on the dash to reset trip 4 times held it in then turned the key to run.

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