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1972 Ford - Power Steering project


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Well I've been helping a neighbor do a power steering gear box project. This Ford truck is a beauty all original and in really good shape and straight. As for the power steering box it was ruined and so was the pump. The owner changed the pump and the gear box was goofy and sticky. So he got a deal on a used Saginaw box to replace the current Saginaw box... Here is the hitch the box steering back-wards! :doh: Ok... So I got creative and decided to open the other box and pull the rack and sector gear and do a switch. Talk about a all day project. Managed to get it all swapped out and ran down to the shop where the was and install it. Got it fire up and wheeled out side to add more fluid knowing it going to burp and pump foam out. System filled up and the wheel start oscillating... :banghead: The power valve inside most likely skipped the pin and causing this issue. So the truck is now in my yard and I get to start all over again... I'll get it yet! :pray:As for the steering setup is all custom fabricated from 02 Dodge steering shaft to 71 Dodge steering box... :wow:Pictures come tomorrow... :duh:

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