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My sons oil sample with 59.863 miles on Ford Focus SE 2L the oil.

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My son dodged a bullet IMO because he was using Amsoil.

Oil sample for an Ford Focus SE 2L with 59.863 miles on the oil. The oil that is being used is the ASM 0w20 oil only to be used 25,000 miles and EA15k51 oil filter only to be used 15,000 miles.

In the last few weeks I ask my daughter in-law my sons wife, when was their oil due to be changed in theirshe said it was past due a long time ago. Note he had been out of work for a back injury and surgery for some time and was in the hospital for kidney failure almost lost him anyhow. I asked how long had it been, it turned out it had been 59,863 miles ago. We had changed the car over to Amsoil at 44k and it had 103,863 when I change it. I told her we needed to change her oil ASAP and since Nathan was in the hospital I would do it. Within a couple of days I did change the oil and took an oil sample for a number of reasons. I wanted to see how well Amsoil held up and if any damage was done to the engine. The other thing to take into consideration is this is one of our EA15k51 oil filters the 15 micron ones now 20 microns, he never changed the oil filter at the 15k interval as it should have been done. I must admit I really was not surprised as it truly good to know how well the oil protects IMO.

Amsoil customers really have no idea of the quality of product they are using. The thing is most people without oil related knowledge could see the report as bad news. So if you share this with anyone make sure you are familiar with what the oil sample is telling you.

I tell my customers there is a comfort in using Amsoil a little past the recommended change interval, I always knew it could be done but I now know I am not embellishing and that gives me great comfort in now knowing it for sure as you should as well. This info should be understood I am not recommending anyone go past the oil drain interval without doing an oil sample as Amsoil recommends.

Remember the longer you leave the oil in, the elements will go up. You are looking for abnormal numbers.

Use this glossary to understand the oil sample.

These are the comments and my take on them.

1. The only critical one was viscosity due to the length of oil drain.

2. Base numbers is the additives that make the oil protect the engine.

3. Oxidation is noted because of the length of use

4. Silicon can be a number of causes one is air filter leak or dirty air filter this is Fords 100k air filters and only ford can change it.

5. I had noted I changed the oil and filter so recommending change was not needed.

6. I have included one of my oil samples on a diesel at 29,982 you will see the elements are high as well and no corrective action needed. This oil sample does have the benefit of me using a by-pass system.

Bill Crow - Amsoil Direct Distributor 1-636-629-8033 E-mail - Bill@FreeOilHelp.com

FOCUS SE 2006 2L oil sample.pdf

My son dodged a bullet IMO because he was using Amsoil..pdf

2 Amsoil Oil Sample 49k.pdf

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