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T C Lockout switch

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I would like to "lock out" the T C on my 2000 CTD at times after warmup, around town, If this sounds unusual let me explain why.I have rebuilt the trans w/heavy duty parts, bands, shift kit ect, and an aftermarket HD Torque Converter, a TCS Converter I believe?When I ordered the TC, t he fellow I spoke with told me I needed a T C that locked up at a lower rpm than stock. Being a novice I said "OK". This now seems to be an issue especially around town when warm, and towing on hilly terrain. The trans does not want to unlock and shift down on hills until it is to late, and then slams out of lock up and downshifts hard and then back up to high gear and sometimes back and forth before I can stop it....very unnerving to say the least !!Sometimes the T C stays locked up after a stop and then the truck seems like it is starting in 2nd gear.. If I shift to nuetral, blip the throttle, then the truck will take off normally. weird eh??? Sorry to run on about this but I like to try and give all the info I know when asking for helpSo I ask....Is the TC the culprit??? Or is it something else? if so, What?Is this Lock out switch the answer as a temp measure? or do I need to address this with the T C supplier? Many Thanks. Randy

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I would give your supplier a call just for a little bit of re-assurance on this one. Maybe he would have advice on what he thinks works best for the parts that were installed. Couldn't hurt! :bulb Dave

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