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Steering Box Replacement /w/ Pics

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This was my leak found where the pitman arm attaches to the box. [ATTACH]22[/ATTACH]First strap your steering wheel to something like the seat so it can not move.[ATTACH]23[/ATTACH]Losen your hoses and make sure to put a pan under the truck. Make sure to replace the o-rings on any fitting that was opened. This pic shows both hoses gone due to a leak in my return hose that needed replacing.[ATTACH]24[/ATTACH]Loosen the pinch bolt on the steering column shaft coupling that attaches to the box. Getting this back on with a remanned box can be difficult if the teeth are buggered up...use some grease. I had to line the flat side up in the right spot and tap it on with a hammer. Once it got started I placed a long screwdriver or prybar on the back of the coupling and smacked it with a hammer or hand sledge.[ATTACH]26[/ATTACH]This part included cranking the 32mm nut and lock washer off of the bottom of the pitman arm and renting a pitman arm puller from the auto store. I had a 1.5" breaker bar inside a 3" cheater pipe for the 32mm nut. This works well if you don't have an impact wrench. I believe the nut should go back on with somewhere in the neighborhood of 200+ ft/lb of torque. Place the puller as shown. It took quite a bit of force to get the pitman arm off and some smacks with a big hammer. I thought I was actually going to break that puller. When you are installing the new box cut a 2x4 the height of the position where it is to be installed and place the box on top of the 2x4 to help hold the weight while you line up the bolts. I would not tighten hard any of the 3 bolts until all 3 are through the frame.Hope this helps someone. Doing this myself saved me somewhere near $780






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