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Using Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL)

1. Ensure battery is fully charged. Turn ignition on and note operation of MIL. When ignition is first turned on, MIL should come on and remain on for 3 seconds to verify bulb and circuit operation, and then go off.

2. Attempt to start engine. Turn ignition off. Without starting engine, turn ignition on, off, on, off and on within 5 seconds. Record 2-digit DTCs as displayed by flashing MIL.

3. For example, DTC 24 will be displayed by 2 flashes, short pause, and then 4 more flashes.

A short pause will exist between first and second digits on DTC. If more than one DTC is stored, after first DTC is displayed, there will be a longer pause and then another stored DTC will be displayed.

4. Once all DTCs are recorded, retrieve DTCs using scan tool to ensure all DTCs are obtained. See USING SCAN TOOL.

Using Scan Tool

1. Ensure battery is fully charged. Attempt to start engine. Turn ignition off. Connect scan tool to Data Link Connector (DLC). DLC is located below instrument panel near steering column.

2. Turn ignition on. Using scan tool manufacturer's instructions, record all DTCs displayed on scan tool. Using all DTCs obtained, proceed to SELF-DIAGNOSTIC TESTS . Once all repairs are made, ensure DTCs are cleared from PCM memory. See CLEARING DTCS.





........................................................................................................ P0783 - 45





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