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Has your Quadzilla Adrenaline died or malfunctioned?


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I am starting to repair Quadzilla Adrenalines. I also hope to reverse engineer & possibly add new functions in the future, as the board allows. Here's the deal:

1. You ship to me

In the box, I want a full description of the issues & history. I will require the box, wiring harness & controller.

2. I will do my best to repair & load any tune you desire & fully test to level 3 (as I have not upgraded my trans yet).

3. If the unit is unrepairable, I will ship it back or part it out for you for a 25% charge after fees & shipping.

4. I charge $25.00 per hour (check those rated against any electronics repair shop) plus parts & will confirm an estimate before any extensive repairs.

I have a belief that the board is capable of alot more than what we have in software. I have a good friend that is a .net/arduino/android hacker/teacher & has been in the field since the late 70s.

Please PM me with any questions.

Just FYI, I have Michael's permission to post this here.

Thank you,

Ed Grafton

- - - Updated - - -

Also, this will be kind of open source. I will post repairs to this thread. If you feel capable, I will assist in any way I can. If you would rather me do it, I will.

If anyone has an Adrenaline that has been converted to a 4K box, I would like pictures so that I can perform the conversion or assist others in doing it.


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