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1998.5 - No start.

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Posted this on oilburners, and thought someone here might have a clue.


Originally Posted by fsmyth View Post

Me, too. New injector pump, cranks great cold. Homebrew pump system similar to

FASS (dual pumps in parallel, dual frame filters). Did NOT have this problem

before the VP44 died, tho.

Pumps off while cranking, max pressure while cranking - no difference.

Finally finished killing the starter Replacing it today.

One oddity - I hooked the pump relays back up to the ECM (the wire that

used to run the pump on the block, and now that hookup no longer runs

the pump after 1st crank (the 3-second thing), but does keep the pumps

running for about 10 seconds after the key is turned back OFF. WTF?


Replaced starter. Now turns over like it should. Now it will not crank at'all.

Got a scan tool.

First scan: 1388 (auto shutoff relay), 1689 (manuf. specific powertrain...)

Cleared codes.

Second scan: 1694 (no engine bus...), 1693 (communication w/ECM)

Previous to this, O'Reilly scanned it, found 0463 (fuel level sensor),

0336 (crank sensor), and 1693 (comms w/ECM). These codes did not

come back after clearing.

Fuel pumps still acting stupid ( 1/2 sec run at crank, then shut off,

do not come back on for 5-10 sec. like they should). They DO come on

for about 15 sec. AFTER THE KEY IS TURNED OFF and REMOVED.

What now? Any guesses?



'98.5 2500 - bone stock w/added fuel pump, filters, gauge, boost gauge.

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