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Strange rebooting issues...

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I had a go to Taz's house to give him a hand with his truck and computer. But since this computer stuff... Taz's computer is a AMD 3.0 GHz with 1 GB of RAM 2 40 GB and 1 200 GB hard drive for a total of 3 drives. Well the strange part was it was rebooting randomly and behaving poorly. Well I tried reloading the Window to it to repair the issue and found that the main 200 GB hard drive was present but not functioning propely. What I mean by this is the drive was present in the BIOS boot time but the drive won't not read, write or format... So during the install of windows you try to erase the partition and it would not erase (error). Hmmm...

So I pull the computer out and brought it home with me. Now I set it up on my bench and try running Maxtor Disk Tools again the drive (Maxtor 200 GB) and the drive is not present in the tool. What??? So I pull the other drives (2 40 GB drives) loose and only left the 200 GB hook up solely. It works now so that means that the whole issue with random rebooting and faults was cause by one of the 40 GB drives... I ran the Maxtor tool again to verify the drive is good. Maxtor tool comes back and reports... The drive is SMART capable and enabled. Then it reports SMART has NOT been triggered! Meaning the drive is fine and ready for service.

I'll find out more tomorrow...:thumbsup:

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