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Power steering pump / Hydroboost / power steering box / cooler hose sequence help!!!

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Ok guys i hope its ok to post this in this forum but what i have is a 12v cummins swapped into a 97 crew cab chevy dually. I am to the task of hooking up hoses and i am puzzled at which hose goes where! I guess i need to know what sequence your truck uses or if someone could give me detailed help as which hose goes where in some sort of a methodical approach it would help me out tremendously..I havent thought about it a whole lot but when i was trying to make sense of it and was thinking about the whole high pressure/ low pressure side and which one should go where i got a bit taken back by the complexity... when i looked at the rear of my power steering pump and it had THREE hoses hanging off of it, i stopped. Im calling in the experts! any help will be appreciated....

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