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HY35 to WH1C Swap

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Finally did the swap! 56mm compressor/12cm turbine up from 9cm turbine. Put an adjustable wastegate from Gillett Diesel along with the boost elbow from my Edge EZ. Spools a little slower down low but not much and really helped mid and top end. It just keeps pulling past 2200 rpm where my HY would choke. Turbo is a lot louder and and I can hear the air flow...although I think I have a boost leak from the driver's side now. The extra boost is definitely noticeable! Nice budget upgrade.post-12844-138698210451_thumb.jpegpost-12844-138698210461_thumb.jpegpost-12844-138698210467_thumb.jpegpost-12844-138698210473_thumb.jpeg

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