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Need some wiring help on '03 CTD with '04.5 ECM and harness...


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Hey guys, looking for some help on some wiring issues Im having. I've got a '03 CTD motor (had NV5600 behind it), and dropped in 48RE. Rounded up a '04.5 ECM and wiring harness to work with the '03 CTD and 48RE, but the problem I have run into is bulkhead connector, "C-219", as it's called by the CTD Service Manual for '03 trucks. The problem? Well, the '04.5 engine harness doesn't have the exact same wiring/pin locations as the '03 under dash harness. I have all the pin locations and what not for the under dash '03 side. What I need is the pin locations for the engine side of "C-219" for an '04.5 model CTD.Thanks

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