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Frantz Filter Installed

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Got my Frantz bypass filter installed. I am running the BHAF, so I mounted the filter in the same area screwed to the wheel well. I changed my oil and main filter at the same time. Had 10,000 miles on the oil and filter. Deborah tried to talk me into not changing my oil, but I had an aversion to that concept. Upon initial fire up it took a minute or two for the oil to start coming out the line to the oil fill cap. One it started coming out I was surprised at the volume. I assumed it would be less. My oil has never stayed amber color after oil change. It has had a dark tinge to it as soon as things started circulating after oil change. After a few days the oil is visibly cleaner than it was upon fire up. So I'm glad that the engine will be cleaning up. On a side topic. First oil change since doin the crankcase vent mod. My oil receptacle over flowed while draining oil for the first time ever. So I'm no longer loosing oil. Great mod! Thanks!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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