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Arkansas Trip

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I left a week ago today for "opening weekend" of Arkansas duck hunting season. Did OK on ducks; and I wish I could've stayed longer. I waited to post about the trip to be able fill MightyWhitey up again so that I could give mileage reports for 2 tanks of fuel.Only downside to the trip was that the morning after I got home, I wake up to a flat tire on MightyWhitey!!! Driverside front. No indication of problems whilst driving home also!!! I dunno??:shrug:Anyhow; I left my house 1 week ago with about 1/4+ tank of fuel and filled up in Champaign, IL on the way down. About 180 miles to Champaign. That tank lasted me to Forrest City, AR plus a bit of running around down there, then all the back to Sikeston, MO. That was about 64x.xx miles and that tank averaged 20.8mpg.:thumb1:I fuel up this AM with 67x.xx miles on the Sikeston, MO fill up………………tank average of 21.6mpg!!!!:thumb1: Both tanks were mostly highway miles (90%) running 65mph with light winds quartering from the rear both ways!!!!! That's a rarity for me!!!!! I usually wind up driving into the wind and uphill both ways on most trips I make!!!!:bang head:I'm loving it!!!:smart::thumbup2:

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