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Inherited 1995 Reg Cab Long Box 4X4 Cummins

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Hey guys help me out here i need a lot of advise...


where to start.... as the post says I inherited grandpa's cabin truck... 1995 cummins two tone beautiful truck full loaded except leather... 92700 km... don't know what that is in mile but she's low... 50k maybe?  


anyhow you get the point... 


problems... truck was in one accident front axle replaced... at dealer... the truck has been parked in a heated garage for 5 years without being started... i looked at it last week and the transfer case was leaking fluid and same with the diesel tank???? Not sure why but the housing for the diesel tank had dampness on it but i honestly couldn't tell if it was diesel... 


other then this i know nothing else... vehicle never winter driven, always stored inside and never towed more then a single axle utility trailer..


what does a guy need to do to get this vehicle running?  Should a guy just have it towed to the dealer?



on the advise not will this truck be hard to maintain in the future?  I have 3 boys and an 02 cummins with 310k on it... could a motor swap be done if i had to?  Not sure its worth it to keep this beauty but i'd sure like too... make it my hunting, fishing and dirt bike truckpost-1512-0-88850400-1392608657_thumb.jp

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After you do the fuel swap, I'd start it first, before draining the oil. She's been sitting 5

years, and NEEDS oil asap.. draining it and changing the filter NOW just delays it more.

Take a swipe on that wetness on the tank and smell it. You know what diesel smells like? Almost

punky, skunky. I wouldn't worry too much about it unless you see a puddle on the floor. 5 years,

there should be quite a spot on the floor!

As far as the 'swap', nah, keep it in that truck. If you need to do something with your

02, It'd be cheaper to fix/ find the right 'take-out' from the proper year.

The seal on the transfer case (and probably other seals on the whole drive line) just may need

some 'exercise' to come back to life. Get it running, drive it, and keep an eye on it.

Have fun!

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