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Installing NV4500- bellhousing on engine?

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I'm trying to install my rebuilt NV4500 with the bellhousing on the engine.  I'm on gravel, and can only raise vehicle on jack stands,   the fork and the throw-out bearing will NOT stay in place.  I've removed the bellhousing and zip tied the open end of the fork, where the hydraulic rod goes, and tried to put it back on the engine.  Is there a clip or retaining ring on the other side of the fork I'm missing?


If I attached the bellhousing to the trans, that would solve this, but is there another way?  I do not have a lot of room for the bellhousing and I 've just moved the cross member down enough for the trans to clear


I have my teenage kids to help, but the trans weighs about ~200 pounds?  Any suggestions?





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I'd  think when  the  throwout bearing  is  on the  slide part of the   trans,  and  the   hydraulics are installed,   the  fork really cant go anywhere.. I  would say yes,  it'll work.


GETTING  everything  aligned up...  and   without it  dropping  down  into the bottom  of  the bellhousing   as you  found out  without that   clip...    can be done  with patience and  a few(ok lots) of  cussing.  I'm sure you know exactly  what I mean!


trying the   bellhousing already  on trans...  you may  have  better chances,  only because  the  throwout will already be  'on'  the  trans...     go through the   slave cylinder hole  with a  wire or  tie strap  to   keep it  snug

is there a  clip or  wire snap on the throwout bearing-to-fork  contact area?   That would help keep the fork in the right place too.

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