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duplicate keys for jeep

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Ya'll know by now  I have  a  2006 jeep.   Came with 1 key.   I've just been  baptized into the  SKIS   generation!


My only key has  the   door lock, unlock, panic, and  tailgate glass opening  buttons.


I've read  where   I can   buy  a  blank key, have it  cut to fit,   and as long  as  I have 2 original keys,   I can  'tell' the computer  to  program  the  new key.   Without  the   2nd key,  I'm  stuck with  going  to the dealer??    How about   higher ended  locksmiths?


Without that   key,  and  it's little chip,   I'd  really be up a  creek!

Does the battery  run both the chip,  and  the  locking functions?

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I just spent 270 bucks 2 days ago for an extra smart key and fob for my new to me murano that came with only the one as well "Gotta love buying used, save a few bucks on the purchase price to spend it on the back side of the deal"  smart key is a dealer only programmable item. Could have gotten the key and fob a bit cheaper other than the dealer but for time wise it only cost me an extra 25 bucks or so.

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