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custom hauling this weekend


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well did some custom hauling for a customer this weekend. hauled a haybuster from back home to where I work about 182 miles. ran it 50 to 55 mph on smooth roads and about 45 to 50 mph on bumpy roads that would make the trailer sway to much and go back and forth. Exhaust temps were at 600 to 650 and boost about 5 psi and fuel pressure was about 12 to 14. thought I would share this to show something other then all the break downs we get haha





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You know what the grinder weighed? I know they are fairly heavy, just so every one has a reference.


You redecorating Petes office already lol? I know you want that spot. :woot:

I think it weighed right around 9500 pounds


I don't want that job we got a lot of sales man already. but this is for one of his customer I did it for one of his last sale I think :lmao:

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