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My 1st Gen

Texas CTD

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As the title says, I bought me a first gen Dodge Cummins.


It's a 1991.5 D250, regular cab, with a getrag 5 speed. The odometer stopped at 154,000, but the PO said it has about 160,000 on it.


Dad and I drove nearly 500 miles up to Arkansas to pick it up.


The rust is just surface, it's not bad yet.




Video link:














It has some electrical problems. The most important one was to get the turn signals, head lights, tail lights, and brake lights to work. I feared the worst, and thought it might be a bad grimlin. After an hour or so of checking the obvious things out, I reattached a ground wire, and the headlights worked.

With dad's help, and a test light, the signals were getting power, and so were the park lights, but one would signal, but the park light wouldn't work, and the other light was just the opposite. Turns out 1 bulb's signal filament was out, while the park light filament was good, and the other was just the opposite.

One rear tail light worked great, and the other did nothing. After chasing some wires, we found that the wiring harness going to that light was pinched between the frame and the recently installed rear bumper, nearly cutting it in two. Re-wired that and it's good to go. Now I can pass the state inspection.


The other issue is the gauge lights don't work... Haven't looked at that yet.

Also the key ring light stays on, and eventually drains the battery. I just pull the #10 fuse and it fixes that. (for now)


It needs a little front end work, and new tires, and I need to fix the E brake, and install new door hinge bushings.


The interior is clean. The dash is not cracked, along with the windshield. The seat is not ripped, the headliner scores a 9.9 out of 10. It's missing the carpet, but I'm fine with that - I'll put down some good floor mats and call it a day.


For $2,400, I'm happy.



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Those are the gems that get 30mpg.  I think you luck out in Texas, trucks like that here have gone through the road salt slaughtering and there would be rust holes everywhere.  


Should be fun to work on though.  I always adored the 1st gen engine bay because its so open.  Would make valve lash a breeze.  Stupid #6 piston lol.  

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