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  1. Harvey

    Well Houston has gotten record flooding once again. To the southwest they've had major damage from the Cat 4 hurricane last weekend. It's stalled out as a tropical storm, and supposed to keep dumping rain for the rest of the week. I live 50 miles north of Houston, and we've got about 14"-15" inches of rain in 48 hours. Creeks are out of their bank, and we got the cows closed off in the high pasture. I know forum member, "The_Hammer" has posted before about getting flooded out, and wouldn't doubt if he's flooded again. He's from the Wharton area, which is southwest of Houston.
  2. VP44 causes of death: -lack of fuel pressure -lack of lubrication -lack of filtration -AC noise -Solar Eclipses??? Sorry to hear about the breakdown, but really couldn't have happened at a better time.
  3. "The Heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims his handiwork." -Psalm 19:1. Hope y'all have a good time. I'll try to catch a glimpse of it down here, but the above verse comes to mind.
  4. Bought Me a First Gen

    Update as of Sunday... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkYpWc2CzCw Seals failed on exhaust and intake sides. Pumped the charge pipes and intercooler full of oil, but luckily it didn't get past the intercooler. Slapped the HX35 back on, and dang if those seals hadn't gone too. I guess from sitting dry for 4 months? Sent the S362 out to be warrantied, and ordered a rebuild kit for the HX35. Hoping to be back on the road by the weekend. Debating on compounds, or run the 62 a while longer after it gets warrantied.
  5. Airbox

    1st gen guys do it. Never really heard of 2nd gen guys do it.
  6. Truck died in deep water

    Any codes? Maybe remove the ECM and let it dry out more thoroughly? (if that's even the problem)
  7. Bought Me a First Gen

    A couple clips my buddy shot:
  8. Bought Me a First Gen

    Exhaust change up...
  9. Bought Me a First Gen

    No major updates... Last weekend I took a 400 mile round trip to pick up an all-aluminum powerstroke intercooler. Drove 65-70 MPH, and got 20.8 MPG. So far Ive given people rides, and raced one 2nd gen... Everybody is pretty impressed with the power in this old farm truck.
  10. P0216 - Sad but true...

    P-Pump!!! I had to. Hope she's back on the road ASAP, Mike, and the next one lasts 1/4 million miles.
  11. Bought Me a First Gen

    It should sound nastier with more timing. I love that deep growl. As it sits, it starts building boost at 1,600 RPM, and by 1,700 it's ready to takeoff. And even though it's making boost, it's 2,000 RPM before I'm cleaning up smoke, and even then it hazes under heavy throttle. That's mostly due to the power screw being in as far as it can safely go. (which controls duration, so yeah, it's going to be dirty with lots of duration in my setup) Like I said, lots of pump tuning still to do. I'm happy with the power, I'm just trying to get it to run cleaner. After it's all dialed in, I'll hit the dyno. Goal is 400/800, but would like to get closer to the 450 HP mark. (which is hard to do with a VE truck)
  12. Bought Me a First Gen

    I've had no time to work on this thing. Still lots of pump tuning and timing to adjust. Here's a 45-85 MPH roll-on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p87DXokqnVc
  13. Bought Me a First Gen

    Thanks, it's getting there. Still need to paint more parts, and clean up wiring. 62/68/.70 SX-E
  14. Teardown and Rebuild

    Back to the VP for a second... Was that not a typical P0216 failure?