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  1. Loss of boost and power

    You aren't going to do anything for the gauge bounce with the overflow valve. That is not what it is there for. Looks like the ball and spring in the fass is worn out.
  2. Throw voltmeter on the circuit and move the apps through its travel. Yes the apps is a 0-5v sensor. The tps wire to the pcm should respond in a similar fashion. I have stopped trying to figure out wtf Diamler designed on these trucks long ago. Just leads to massive headaches and excessive drinking.
  3. Transmission codes

    How are you pulling codes as a 47re does not have a shift solenoid.
  4. checking for boost leak

    Back the intake valves off.
  5. No name

    I have an aftermarket sitting on the shelf waiting. I have a ton of stuff I've gathered up over the last year.
  6. No name

    I will have a small secondary. Only reason I went with it.
  7. 363 over s475

    Yes as it spools first. The primary is what cools everything off once it is up and moving.
  8. It requires valve body modification, of which I am not sure of due to purchasing the valve body already built. I do not suggest attempting this with a stock converter or input shaft. That said contact Dusty Hawk at HTS transmission. He may give up the secret to what is needed.
  9. No name

    Had to do that in my old square body @Royal Squire. Talk about torque steer lol. 15ss @notlimah
  10. No name

    It already is. It would have damaged a bunch of stuff with the ujoint darn near apart and the drive shaft flapping around.
  11. It would affect both as it introduces noise.
  12. 363 over s475

    I do my math based on wot as it is typically a constant. Your numbers look ok for part throttle operation. I would tighten the gate to try and get the secondary pr to come up as it will help with response.
  13. Well the Order is in

    Is this deleted yet? If not no care. jk lololol
  14. More are worn out than you think. They just are not paid attention to.
  15. 47RE wont shift at WOT

    Just a bit. It should not take much.