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  1. I know of a mid 700hp truck with nothing special. Just a secondary most will not run as a single.
  2. More has been done with both pumps but requires injectors and turbos very very few would put up with. As well as a better cylinder head (ported).
  3. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    No idea. After talking to Seth last week it seems to depend on end use. Like the ppump 24v stuff they pump up the pop to clean up nozzle haze. I do not have a line into DDP to ask them.
  4. Turbo Upgrade HELP

    I do three on a fresh gasket after the first torque and start up.
  5. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    Smaller injectors with higher pop. Time to find a stock set.
  6. None at all pending you have a tuning platform to tune it. Like the quad.
  7. Correct. It will also produce less heat and smoke. Reduces duration required to get your desired hp.
  8. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    Isn't that the truth. LOL Nick you are kind of hitting on it but still skirting it. You are missing the roi of the nozzle increase. Takes less time to inject the same amount of fuel. Ecm will over or under shoot as it does not really know you increased the nozzle size. If you still have a stock set of injectors increase the pop.
  9. To add to this. Injector size matters when looking for power. Larger size means faster rate of injection. For 500hp nothing more than a 7x.010 is needed. The caveat there is you are at the top end of the duration scale to get it. A larger injector can support it more easily. Sac vs. vco. Cost. That is it until you get into the larger nozzle sizes. They trade back and forth but vco starts to out perform sac.
  10. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    I can tell you right now Weston will not sell to them. Don likes 7x.010 nozzles. If you let it run for a few min it should take care of the stalling without having to pull the injectors.
  11. Turbo Upgrade HELP

    Studs, one at a time completely remove the nut and washer. Relube the stud fine threads, both sides of the washer and the nut. Pull right to arps spec. Make sure the stud is not bottomed out in the block. Where did the turbo come from? Very odd it came with the smaller discharge. The elbow being shorter I get but not the smaller diameter. Is not a drop in at that point.
  12. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    I wouldn't so much say risk as much as the publicity that goes with it when someone that does not understand what they are getting into asks for something special like this. You and the people in this thread have an expectation of what is going to happen. Joe blow that wants the super duper special nozzles and higher pop because bookface said it was cool won't. Is just a headache for them at that point. I see both sides of this, I really do. Fwiw I tried to get Weston to open up to it. Is not interested lol.
  13. Most fall of or give up. There are some 7 holes that run very very well in a vp application. Most give up as they do not want a laggy all around driver due to turbos needed.
  14. Turbo Upgrade HELP

    The od still looks like it is close to 3" is it not?