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  2. It is a glorified lockup switch for the 2nd gen trucks.
  3. If you think these are bad try working on a Crossfire sometime......
  4. There is no direct conversion for a/r ratio to cm2 as a/r ratio is based off of the turbine wheel diameter. Just a fyi. You would want a 1.15 T6 available from Borg Warner.
  5. Soooooooo not all "s472s" are created equal. Exducer sizes and other features in the compressor will make a difference. Unless you plan on running a t4 primary (do not recommend) there is no use for a gate on a t6 housing. It moves enough mass flow.
  6. No, when you can disconnect the pcm from the system and the truck will start the ecm has no part in the security feature. Cluster will learn the security feature as well as the pcm. Ran into this problem often enough at work. Scratch that. I'm thinking pci bus clusters. Not the ccd bus. Rest is correct however.
  7. It is the pcm, ctm and cluster involved in security/anti-theft. Use the bladed ignition key in the door. Cycle the lock and it will shut it off.
  8. None in 98% of applications. Yes as stock they are only 12mm. Yes. I called and spoke with them so they had an idea of what I was doing (axle swap). He questioned me at first but then understood I was aware they may not work. However they worked great. Just had to shorten my hard lines on the rear axle. Correct. As the gasket is already compressed/seated/bedded. I start at the back as it is the worst to do lol. I modified mine a bit from Josh's process. It will just click with minimal to no movement.
  9. No, it will not. You cannot compare a 60/58mm wheel to a 76/68 wheel. The larger is obviously going to move more mass flow.
  10. The best charger for the op would be a he351cw. There is nothing offered that will spool as fast or make the same power. A 68mm turbine is a terrible choice for such a small injectored truck.
  11. 1) Russel makes a kit for the disc/drum trucks. Crown performance makes a kit for the disc/disc trucks. 2) It's there. Just spread out at the moment. Piece all the head studs post together. Follow the arp sequence for the initial torque along with painting the exposed studs. Get the engine to operating temp. Shut it down and let it sit *This next piece is very important.* The engine HAS to be ambient temperature when doing the retorque. Completely remove the nut and washer. Relube the stud, bottom of the washer and then the nut. Pull torque right to arp spec of 125ft lb
  12. Ok 1-3 are for retorquing the head. Completely remove the nut and washer. Relube the stud, bottom of the washer and then the nut. Pull torque right to arp spec of 125ft lbs for the 2000 series studs. You do one stud at a time so as to not lose your clamp load on the gasket. 4-7 are the axle swap. Front was donated by the green truck and I had bought a disc dana 70 from a buddy. All new 3rd gen brakes front and rear with stainless steel flex lines. Mofo STOPS now. The last two pics are for the 2nd gear servo. The red sonnax is what I removed. The black tcs was installed
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