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  1. Well I went with the Westin Pro Traxx 6" black oval. I really didnt find one I liked that was full length/wheel to wheel and I didn't want an electric one do to where I live in the country. I appreciate everyone advise!!
  2. This just had to be fixed! Kind of cheesy, if you ask me. For the money you pay it shouldnt be this way. Lol That is why I ordered a better cap. This is why I am asking if there is anything else I should replace.
  3. Anyone have any recommendations for a full length black nerf/side bars that will fit this new 2019 tradesmen duallie? Its been awhile since I bought some and cant find the ones that i have on my other 3500 Dodges that have them. LOL Thanks for any info or advise!! Steve
  4. Well finally got my 2019 Tradesmen with the Aisin six speed, 4:10 gears and love it! I couldn't pass up the deal. I was debating over this model or the 2020 Chevy Silverado HD with the Allison 10 speed, but I rather wait and see how the 10 speed does for the first year. Now for the question. Have any of you changed anything on them or know of anything I should change? For example, I ordered a better aluminum fuel fill cap to replace the cheesy plastic red cap that the truck came with from the factory. Do any of you have a pedal enhancer on your truck? Does it leave a foot print to void w
  5. mopar440cu


  6. The wife called them and they told her it is only one tie rod end that was in the recall. I don’t know which one, as I didn’t call them.
  7. Working fine. Trying to fine tune with the Quadzilla.
  8. I also reused my pitman arm and I have a few 01 3500’s 4x4’s that are converted with no problems.
  9. Will someone please explain why the 320 pop instead of a higher pop off number, like per say for example 400 on the injectors. If I remember the lower the PSI pop the worse atomization is and it doesn't burn the fuel efficiently. which leads to poor performance and mileage. So if I am guessing the higher the numbers in bar the more advanced the timing is?? Thanks!
  10. Very nice! Did you change the injectors? I thought you had smaller ones before,. Either way its great being near 500 HP!
  11. They are headlight led’s. I just have them on a shelf in the barn. The trooper had an attitude and even went into saying my stack was illegal, etc etc.
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