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  1. I did read all the posts, but was getting a bit confused on whether or not a person should replace or add the 2/0 cable is why I asked. It doesn't take much to confuse me when it comes to electrical stuff! LOL Reading it I did notice @W-T had extra accessories, but still wondered if it was necessary or worth doing and IBMobiles list did not include the 2/0 cable either, thus another reason for asking. Trying to get my ducks in a row.
  2. Can someone please explain what the High Idle Delay Setting is used for on the Quad and Warm Up Mode Setting. I am guessing the High Idle is used possibly to help volts for accessories?? I am also guessing the Warm Up Mode lets the truck warm up if its cold outside, but does this mean if I set it to say 195 degrees the truck can not be moved until it reaches this temp? Trying to still figure this out. Thanks for any help getting me to understand this!
  3. Question, Did all you use 4 new positive and negative wires going to the main battery then to the auxillary battery using #2 gauge? Or did you just keep the original positive wire and do the rest of the mods? Thanks!
  4. I got my new Autometer "A" pillar triple gauge mount today with gauges and was wondering how you guys got the wiring and tubing through the dash? I am guessing drilled a hole somewhere to manipulate the wires and such through? I am going to try to install the Trans. Temp, Boost and Oil Pressure this weekend hopefully, if things go right. Thanks for help! Steve
  5. mopar440cu

    Mopar1973Man Cummins High Idle Switch install

    What is the uses of the high idle switch other than when it is cold outside? Thanks for the info!!
  6. mopar440cu

    Windsheild sun shade

    Yes, that part is broke. Probably melted the parts together. Lol
  7. mopar440cu

    Windsheild sun shade

    This was taken at 5:20pm in my pasture today and its not even the hottest month yet here! Lol I had to turn on the sprinklers for the cows to cool off before they melted. Lol
  8. mopar440cu

    Windsheild sun shade

    Just had to add this lol!!
  9. mopar440cu

    Windsheild sun shade

    It gets that hot trust me, but not everyday. I/ we work in it everyday and pray for sun showers and clouds everyday! Actually thinking It’s not the sun so much we hate, it’s the high humidity that kills us working outside, but it’s a paycheck! Lol My other half agreed and said it can get hot out in California also, she lived there, but like you stated the humidity between the two states makes a big difference. I have another friend from Florida who now lives and works outside in Nevada and complains his state is the hottest also, but admits it’s a dryer humidity that you can deal with. This humidity here is a pita plain and simple. I guess we can’t have our cake and eat it also as they say. Lol
  10. mopar440cu

    Windsheild sun shade

    It’s like I said hotter than the gate hinges from Hell here in Florida! Lol 110degrees high humidity in the shade.
  11. mopar440cu

    Steering Box

    I had a Redhead and it didn't last long.
  12. mopar440cu

    Windsheild sun shade

    For all my trucks and cars in Florida I use They are great for us living near the hinges of Hell! LOL
  13. mopar440cu

    Heater exchange lines

    I paid $56, which isn’t bad.
  14. mopar440cu

    Heater exchange lines

    Well thank God I followed my instincts and ordered a couple of different oil return lines from different places. I received 1 today from, believe it or not they had it, a Cummins dealer in Tampa. It was only a couple dollars more. The other ones that I order CPP dropped the ball and never shipped them until Thursday/Friday and I ordered them early enough to get shipped here for the weekend. This just gets my blood boiling when they delay shipping on there end or don’t deculge they just don’t have the part in stock. Anyways, glad this one came in, but the gaskets don’t come in until Monday. I don’t know if I can reuse the recently used one or not is why I ordered more.
  15. Oh yes Overson’s, when the father actually owned it. I had his original designed 2 1/2 ton inners on the rear of the Dodge and the sons annihilator axles front and rear on my Jeep. If I remember it was 47 spline. I could smoke my 57” R2’s on asphalt, which didn’t help the cleets on the tires nor the locker. Lol Sold that D300 and kept the 540 wedge motor for a dart project.