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  1. oldhippie66@comcast.net

    will it tow

    01 4x4 looking at sxe 62/68/12 dap 150s quad adren. current fass 150,4in ex, built auto tripple disc low stall conv,billet input 354 rear 285 tires
  2. oldhippie66@comcast.net


  3. oldhippie66@comcast.net

    new turbo hot and laggy

    i would like to thank everyone for the advice ,really helpful group, again tks to everyone.
  4. Vehicle: old hippie (mike) Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2018-07-18 old hippie (mike)
  5. oldhippie66@comcast.net

    old hippie (mike)

  6. oldhippie66@comcast.net

    new turbo hot and laggy

    sac or voc dislike smoke, reliabilty is issue at this level a few more hp not that important
  7. oldhippie66@comcast.net

    new turbo hot and laggy

    injector recomendations, and would they work for a while until i can get quad
  8. oldhippie66@comcast.net

    new turbo hot and laggy

    it is smokey on all settings just less on lower settings , yes boost leaks check ok, it is a low stall converter,which would be best solution injectors , tuner, smaller turbo this is new turbo replaces a afe bladerunner which had crazy high drive pressure, guess i went overboard the other way
  9. sorry i started this in intro section, i need advice , truck is 01 cummins 4x4 extended cab, current mods are edge juice 4in exhaust afe intake horn, fass 150 built trans billet input shaft tripple disc converter,borgwarner 62/68/12sxe turbo, it has either rv 275 or 75 hp injectors. truck is very smoky with any pedal input under 1700 rpm,could i get some advice please
  10. oldhippie66@comcast.net

    hello from tenn.

    240,000miles everythingis good ,did boost leak test, holds 25lb new bhaf, fass,18lb idle 14lb wot. this is new turbo which do i need most larger injectors better tuner, smaller turbo?
  11. oldhippie66@comcast.net

    hello from tenn.

    01 cummins in my sig, spools slow and smokey dont know if injectors are rv 275 or 75 hp have edge juice 4in exhaust fass 150 current turbo bw 62/68/12 built auto billet input shaft tripple disc conv