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  1. mountaindan

    Exhaust manifold

    Got the broken one off, new one on, just need to torque it down, install the turbo and drink a beer, not a bad at all. Raining here now so I will have to drink two beers. Thanks for your help guys and gals.
  2. mountaindan

    Exhaust manifold

    Got hopefully the correct manifold this time. When I drill for my EGT does that only monitor the last three cylinders 4 5 and 6?
  3. mountaindan

    Exhaust manifold

    Thanks I will return it.
  4. mountaindan

    Exhaust manifold

    Are they the same? Just block off the EGR? The order says it is for my 24v.
  5. mountaindan

    Exhaust manifold

    Got my manifold from Rockauto, can anyone tell me what the plate is for? Mine don't have this.
  6. mountaindan

    Exhaust manifold

    I do have gauges, I do tow heavy 15000# rv, case 580 backhoe,. I never let the EGT get over 1200 to 1300, usually around 1000-1100 towing
  7. mountaindan

    Exhaust manifold

    Ordered it from Rockauto,. $121.00 with all gaskets and bolts. Thanks for the reply. Will I have to separate the turbo from the exhaust pipe to get it out?
  8. mountaindan

    Exhaust manifold

    Thanks guys I will order one and get started.
  9. My exhaust manifold is cracked. How hard are they to replace? Where is the best place to get one? I will go back with stock , unless that is not a good idea.
  10. mountaindan

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Here is one of mine
  11. mountaindan

    limp mode

    Do they still use the lead free solder in the rebuilt pump's?
  12. mountaindan

    Fuel fitting

  13. mountaindan

    Fuel fitting

    Yes the fuel line input to the VP Output from the fuel filter
  14. Does anyone know the thread size on the VP-44 and fuel filter?
  15. mountaindan

    Low fuel pressure

    Well I hate to post this my problem was the snubber valve to my gauge got closed while I was installing the injectors, was leaking slow enough to move the gauge after it ran awhile.