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  1. mountaindan

    Banjo bolt

    I called Geno's to order new seals for mine, that is what I was told. I may be mistaken it may of been 03. Of course my age and absent mind I may of dreamed it.
  2. Question, the banjo bolt on the back of the head 2002 dodge changed this to one with a one way value,. Was this to help with the fuel leaking back with truck sitting nose up hill?
  3. mountaindan

    Extended crank to start

    Any fuel leaks, behind the head, the T fitting or the O ring on the fuel filter? Just went through this it was a pain, wish you well.
  4. mountaindan

    Hard to start

    Wasn't really that hard to do,. I welded up a bracket to mount the pump. I have a backhoe to lift the bed,. I also have a fifth wheel so had to remove the bolts that holds it to the frame. Will post a pic if it ever stops raining.
  5. mountaindan

    Hard to start

    I replaced the return with 3/8 rubber hose, the feed with 1/2 in rubber hose mounted my DDRP to the frame in front of the fuel tank
  6. Mine went out the shaft came out of the spider gear,. I got a rebuild kit from US gear in Jackson mo and it contained everything except the chain. They are not hard to rebuild at all , just take your time getting the pump to line up was the biggest problem and even that was nothing but a little time and patience.
  7. mountaindan

    Hard to start

    Just to follow up with this I just replaced the fuel lines and mounted the lift pump on the frame. Not 100% sure but I think the hard fuel line on the return from the banjo fitting had a small crack under the protective hose going down to the frame,. There was a clamp on the bottom of it after I put air pressure on it the hose was full of fuel. I replaced everything and now it starts with the front on the shale pile at a 45 deg angel. The leak was so small I don't know for sure if that was the case or not, thank the good Lord it is working great now,. Thank everyone who helped me on this site.
  8. mountaindan

    Hard to start

    I appreciate all the replies on this, I won't get to work on it for awhile. I will relocate my pump to the frame. Hopefully I can get it back before spring.
  9. mountaindan

    Hard to start

    That is the return from the T fitting my DDRP don't have a return
  10. mountaindan

    Hard to start

    The original have been replaced with the drawstraw there are2 returns one is plugged because I have a DDRP fass. They both return to the top of the tank I realize the hose is loose, only to keep rain out
  11. mountaindan

    Hard to start

    The hole beside the white suction tube is where the fuel returns
  12. mountaindan

    Hard to start

    I will get one tomorrow
  13. mountaindan

    Hard to start

    Does the fuel return line dump fuel to the top of the fuel module, or is there supposed to be a line to the bottom of the module? (Vulcan draw straw)
  14. mountaindan

    Hard to start

    Got the bed off today, have physical therapy tomorrow. Hope to get back on it this weekend weather permitting.
  15. mountaindan

    Hard to start

    I will definitely check that out, thanks