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  1. Thanks I was afraid of that, dealer wants more to hook up DRBIII than it is worth.
  2. Is it possible to program a second remote for a 1998 Dodge 3500? I have a working remote Ana ordered a second one all numbers are the same on both,
  3. Just returned from our first camping trip this year truck performed great, thanks to everyone for the suggestions and especially Moparman1973 high pressure seemed to be the problem.
  4. Wired a relay in that cuts power to the LP in start position. Went to to the store this evening seems to be starting good now, will know for sure Monday after towing the RV this weekend. Thanks moparman1973 for the tip, sure better than another VP.
  5. That was my thought also just hoping it was something else. I have replaced it twice already. Thanks for the response
  6. What could be a possible cause of a long crank when the motor is hot? Starts great when cold Fuel pressure constant 17 psi Cranks great Thanks in advance I won't have internet access till first of the week
  7. mountaindan


  8. Thanks I am looking for ideas right now, I will do something before summer
  9. The headlights on my truck are not bright as they should be. What would be the best way to do this. Would LED bulbs be better? If so what all would I have to do to make this work? Just replace the bulbs or is there more involved? Is there other options that I can use? Any ideas would be appreciated .
  10. What kind of pressure gauge do you have? I had trouble with my electric gauge,. Went to manual one and now hold a steady puesure both at idle and WOT
  11. Just plug into a grounded outlet, no wiring necessary
  12. Our Walmart keeps the 2 cycle oil in the boat section, I just got a gallon $19.70.
  13. Best of luck to you Mike, we will keep you in our prayers
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