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  1. Thanks guys for the input, I am still trying to figure out what to do. My granddaughter will be driving in a couple weeks, she likes the truck but it is a five speed which scares her. I may let her learn to drive it she may never want a automatic. I also have a fifth wheel RV for sale I may put them up as a pair. I am sure going to miss my truck
  2. That is supposed to be dually. Being old with fat finger's is a big downfall.
  3. I have a 98 3500 I am thinking about selling It has 158000 miles no rust professional painted New vp44 gauges never run below 15 # fuel pressure Fully splined 5 the gear shaft Upgraded input shaft Kdp Taber It is a 53 block no leaks Air bags One owner used to tow RV Excellent condition I can't drive it anymore health problems what would be a good price?
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