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  1. mountaindan

    24 v care and feeding

    Our Walmart keeps the 2 cycle oil in the boat section, I just got a gallon $19.70.
  2. mountaindan

    Big change in my life...

    Best of luck to you Mike, we will keep you in our prayers
  3. mountaindan


    After I relocated my DDRP wish I would of did it earlier FP is solid17 now, I haven't had the 680 hoe behind it yet. Hope it stays this way
  4. mountaindan


    I got all my parts from Geno's and everything fit perfectly. The banjo bolt is not that hard to do my problem was I just had rotater cuff repair and the only arm you can get in there is the left, I didn't have the power to get it tight, the neighbors are good when it comes to stretch. Sure makes a difference.
  5. mountaindan


    I just replaced the seals on the return and the " T" ,. replaced fuel lines from the tank to the VP. Also relocated The pump to the frame. It is working great now #2 injector was still leaking a little replaced the "O" there,. Parked it on the stone pile nose up and it started this morning the first turn at 22*. 1/2 inch line all the way to the tank FP stays at 17. Thanks for all the help
  6. mountaindan


    Thanks, just wondering if that could of been part of my hard start problem.
  7. What does the"O" rings on the crossover tubes seal? Do they seal oil or fuel?
  8. mountaindan

    Big change in my life...

    Just tried to make a post, don't know where it went. My fat fingers could of hit anything.
  9. mountaindan

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Finally got it back road Worthy again, ready for spring again. Thanks to this forum for the help
  10. mountaindan

    4wd Not Working?

    Check for vacuum on the front axle sonoid, does your cruise work? Sorry Me78569 we were typing the same time
  11. mountaindan

    Banjo bolt

    I called Geno's to order new seals for mine, that is what I was told. I may be mistaken it may of been 03. Of course my age and absent mind I may of dreamed it.
  12. Question, the banjo bolt on the back of the head 2002 dodge changed this to one with a one way value,. Was this to help with the fuel leaking back with truck sitting nose up hill?
  13. mountaindan

    Extended crank to start

    Any fuel leaks, behind the head, the T fitting or the O ring on the fuel filter? Just went through this it was a pain, wish you well.
  14. mountaindan

    Hard to start

    Wasn't really that hard to do,. I welded up a bracket to mount the pump. I have a backhoe to lift the bed,. I also have a fifth wheel so had to remove the bolts that holds it to the frame. Will post a pic if it ever stops raining.
  15. mountaindan

    Hard to start

    I replaced the return with 3/8 rubber hose, the feed with 1/2 in rubber hose mounted my DDRP to the frame in front of the fuel tank