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I broke the cupholder

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Yes it finally happened. Until I broke it I wondered how everyone managed to break them.

I should have known better. What a crappy little tab that holds it all together.

I am starting to think thet if you look into every problem that these trucks have, it comes down to crappy plastic somewhere.

From the dash to the tie rod ends to the cup holder to the piston cooling jets. A piece of plactic was involved.

But I have rambled enough. Finding a good used cupholder is next to impossible and new parts ...well I did not even call.

Figgured I could pull the whole thing out and have a look at the thing from the inside.

I decided to use a small piece of stainless wire and loop it around the center hinge then use a small screw in a pre drilled hole where the bottom pivot used to be. 

Took a few minutes to get the length right buy I managed to get it. 

I used a wire connector to hold it together. 

This repairs 1 side.

I will try to find a bit more of the wire and do the other side.

If it actually works for a week I will come up with a few pics to explain it all.

Was pretty simple and opens and closes like new.

Best part is the "fix" cant be seen.

Regards Chris

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If you are talking about the fold down cup holder then good luck. If you use the holder frequently of opening and closing, you need something more flexible. I tried with picture wire, broke. Then 12 ga. electrical wire, broke. Finally ended up using a braided work boot shoe string.

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