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  • Repriming The Fuel System Procedures

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    Repriming The Fuel System Procedures

    You'll have us this procedure if...

    • Your truck has run out of fuel.
    • You got a air leak in the fuel system allowing the injection pump to lose prime.
    • Done any kind of fuel system work.

    Reprime procedure

    1. Add 5 to 10 gallons of fuel to vehicle tank.
    2. Open the hood and hand operate the fuel lift pump by pushing down on prime button until resistance is felt approximately 30 times).
    3. Start engine using normal procedure.
    4. Engine may run rough until air is forced from lines.

    Mopar's Notes

    To make it easier to start crack injection line 1,2, and 3 loose. This will open every other injector line in the firing order.

    Firing Order: 1,5,3,6,2,4

    Once the engine start to sputter. Then tighten the injection lines and try starting again.


    Don't run the starter more than 30 seconds or starter damage could occur. Allow starter to cool for about 1-2 minutes before trying again.


    • Don't bleed the fuel system of a hot engine!
    • Be aware of high pressure spray from the injector line could cause personal injury or death!
    • Engine might start during reprime procedure.

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