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  • DTC 23 - Intake Air Temperature Sensor Voltage Low

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    DTC 23 - Intake Air Temperature Sensor Voltage Low - TEST FC-4A

    1. Using DRB-II, read Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor voltage. If IAT sensor voltage is less than .5 volt, go to step 4). If voltage is .5 volt or more, wiggle IAT sensor harness while observing DRB-II display. If voltage changed while harness was wiggled, repair harness where wiggling caused change. Perform TEST VER-1.
    2. If wiggling harness did not cause a voltage change, condition required to set fault is not present at this time. INTAKE AIR TEMP SENSOR VOLTAGE LOW fault sets if intake air temperature sensor circuit voltage drops to less than .5 volt. Possible causes are: sensor circuit shorted to ground or sensor shorted internally.
    3. Inspect all related wiring and connectors. Repair wiring and connectors as necessary. Perform TEST VER-1. If no problems were found with wiring and connectors, see INACTIVE FAULT CONDITION. Test is complete. Perform TEST VER-1.
    4. Disconnect IAT sensor. Using DRB-II, read IAT sensor voltage. If IAT sensor voltage is greater than 4 volts, replace intake air temperature sensor. Perform TEST VER-1. If IAT sensor voltage is 4 volts or less, turn ignition off.
    5. Disconnect Powertrain Control Module (PCM). Using DRB-II in ohmmeter mode, probe IAT sensor signal circuit (Black/Red wire) at IAT sensor connector. If resistance is less than 5 ohms, repair Black/Red wire for a short to ground. Perform TEST VER-1. If resistance is 5 ohms or more, replace PCM. Perform TEST VER-1.

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