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  • Installing A Timbo's APPS Sensor

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    Installing A Timbo's APPS Sensor

    What's needed?


    -Timbo Apps


    - 10MM socket and wrench

    - T20 torx

    - Paperclip

    - Mutlimeter



    Timbo gave me a Timbo APPS sensor to install on my truck and try out. So I'll tell this much its built much better than the factory ~$450 dollar Dodge stock APPS sensor! I will say it works with the exhaust brake and is high idle ready with no compatibility issues. Timbo APPS sensor has no effect on these options and will continue to work as usual. What I love about the Timbo APPS is the fact there is no longer a need to for adjusting voltage for the APPS to function correctly or probing the PCM or ECM sockets.. And for you Timbo you need some serious Props for coming up with a simple fix for our tucks! My hats off to you sir!

    timbo apps sensor and instructions

    But Here is my quick version write up of how to install a Timbo APPS sensor.

    1. First you must remove the plastic cover over the bellcrank assembly. There is 2 plastic screws inside a expanding plug. You must remove the plastic screw without pushing against them. Kind of tricky but it can be done.

    apps sensor cover and fasteners

    2. Then grab a 10mm socket and remove all 6 bolts holding the black plate to the mounting on the block...

    apps sensor exposed

    3. Unplug the old APPS sensor.

    4. Remove the 2 Torx screws holding the stock APPS sensor. This part I kind fudge over Timbo idea and made it simple. I grab a pair of pliers grab the head of the screw and broke them loose then used a T20 bit to finish removing. This way there is no worry about stripping the heads out.

    apps sensor removed

    stock oe apps sensor

    5. Replace the APPS sensor with Timbo APPS sensor in the same position and line up the slot with the bellcrank tab. Use the supplied screw. Just before you finish tighten the screw turn the sensor fully clockwise to remove extra twisting slack. (As seen in this picture)

    timbos app installed

    6.Plug in the wiring and re-assemble the APPS sensor plate again with the 6 bolts.

    7. Now adjust for slack. Use the supplied paper clip and insert it in the green port on the plug. Turn your key ON and look at the voltage. Now using the screw on the bellcrank stop (one towards the front) adjust till the voltage rises the back off till you hit your original mark plus 1/2 turn. Since mine was .633 I turn till it rose and the backed off to .633 and then another 1/2 turn. Your all set!

    WARNING! Don't try to adjust the voltage to the voltage on the tag of the old sensor. This is not required nor should be done. Timbo's APPS has no voltage to set to. Also don't bother to try and probe at the PCM this is not required ether!

    checking timbos apps voltage

    Take notice the final voltage on the DMV (Digital Volt Meter) is no where near the voltage listed on the old stock APPS.

    checking the timbos apps voltage with a dvm

    8. Disconnect your batteries and do a APPS Reset.

    Mopar's Notes: Anyway's, just thought you could put a comment at the bottom of your Timbo APPS write up to tell people that the voltage/set screw adjustment isn't REQUIRED but certainly nice to do to avoid a dead spot at the top of the pedal movement. - Derrick Lucas




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