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  • 47re Teardown (OD section)

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    I started with removing the OD section since this can be done in the truck. Remove the bolts and tap with a dead blow hammer to get the case started apart. Once it is started you can use a prybar or large screwdriver to seperate them farther. I took it apart with the pan still on so the parking pawl lever gave some resistance.



    The next step I took was to remove the overdrive clutches. Remove the waved snap ring and the clutches will come out of the basket.



    Here is the basket/case with the clutches out

    The clutches for overdrive layed out

    If you look at the outside of the direct clutch basket in this picture you can see the broken snap ring which is the reason I pulled this transmission out in the first place.


    Here is the access cover removed to get to the snap ring so the output shaft and direct clutch assembly can be removed from the case.


    The output shaft assembly removed from the case.


    Here is where the "special tools" came into play. I used some pieces of metal laying around to build basically a U shaped tool to compress the spring and clutches enough to remove the remaining pieces of the direct clutch basket snap-ring. I used a big vise to compress them and remove the pieces but a press would work better.


    I removed the direct clutch hub to show you the direct clutch return spring. It has around 800Lbs. of force on it. I also used a vise to remove the retaining ring for it. THIS WAS VERY DANGEROUS!! It also was shown as needing a special tool to compress the spring however I only used a vise. I definitely recommend making a tool to compress this spring as you can see it is pretty hefty. One like the tool I made above should work fine but I was low on time so I didn't make one. However to just rebuild the trans I cn't see any reason this hub assembly would have to come apart.



    Here are the parts from the OD section layed out, you can see the 5 pinion planetary gears and the internal gear for the sprag clutch. Along with the big spring, direct hub, and the direct clutch basket.


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