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  1. $20.00

    Mopar1973Man's Zero Boost Economy Tune

    With a bit of time and tinkering with watching values and data. I figure out new tricks like this tune. I will straight out admit this tune is NOT for racing, performance, or towing. This tune is design around empty to light truck loads and highway travel. Even with my DAP 7 x 0.010 injectors and a HX35/40 hybrid turbo this tune will remain at zero boost for most all travel on flat ground. Hit a 7% grade the boost is still limited and may only make 5 to 10 PSI on a 7% grade at 65 MPH. This tune has signs of hitting 19 MPG and possibly high with summer fuels (Not confirmed yet). The design on this tun is starting out fairly retard on the low end and works it way up. Cruise start is 19.5° at 2,000 RPM at 66 MPH for me. Engine loads vary but most of the time below 20% still while cruise at 65 MPH. Now get above the cruise state and have wire tap this tune will pack up and leave. For winter conditions its very good even on level 3 (CANBus fuel) because of the flat stock fuel realm I dropped in. 
    Be aware I'm releasing this early without a lot of testing... Cruise set and flat ground with zero boost. 


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  2. Free

    Edge Comp look alike tune

    This tune is built to imitate Edge Comp timing more so. Fueling is close to 5x3 on CANBus only. This tune does not have any wire tap setup yet.
    I'm no longer supporting this tune. Timing is not efficient for a daily driver tune. Very Steep timing curve and steep fuel map. 


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  3. Free

    mid injector tow tune

    This tune is suited for 7 x .009 - 7 x .010 injectors as a tow tune.  Smoke offidle should be controllable with enough fuel to get you moving off the line.  fueling ramps up nicely in the 0 -8 psi range then starts to flatten out to allow you to use throttle movement to give more fueling without overfueling if boost spikes.  
    Wiretap comes on after 10 psi if you choose.


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