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Quadzilla Standard Tunes

These tunes are designed around daily driver styled trucks. These are exported tune from other members.

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  1. **NEED HELP*** dragonfire vp .093 lines and tubes 7x0.012 injectors s364/s475

    Need some help with this tune. Best one I had time to make tonight. Pulls good, but doesn't seem to pull until around 2800RPM. 

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  2. Mopar1973Man Performance Tune

    This is my performance tune its slightly heavier on the wiretap vs my daily tune. Then my timing is bit more aggressive and more timing at the 2K level. The fueling goes above 100% at 5 PSI vs 10 PSI of boost like my daily tune does. So this tune push the performance side much much more than looking for economy side.



  3. Mopar1973Man's Daily Tune

    This tune I'm managed to reach 21.06 MPG. This is NOT a RACE or PERFORMANCE tune. This is Daily Driver Economy Tune. Timing tables are designed around winter cold conditions of Idaho and you'll notice they are on the retarded side. This is to compensate for the high cetane fuel which typically the ECM ramps up timing more with IAT below 80*F. There is no wire tap tune here this tune is designed strictly for LEVEL 3 usage. Fuel table is designed around my +75HP (7x0.0085 DAP injectors) where it starts at 90% and ramps to 120% no more. As for the cruise timing limit you need to leave this at 25% raising the cruise to attempt hold above 65 MPH will create a loss or negative torque to occur. Typically at 65 MPH I float 22-24% engine load on flat ground. Even at 80 MPH it will flip-flop back and forth between cruise timing and performance which is normal. This tune also assumes that no oversized tires modifications that might impact final gearing which will impact the engine load number making the tune worthless. 



  4. Me78569 Anti Torque Management Tune / Dyno tune

    This is my Anti torque management tune.  If you go WOT without rolling into it it should Overwhelm TM on late model vp44 trucks.  This tune is the most aggressive tune put out for a Quadzilla.  It will max possible fueling offidle if you go WOT.  HEAVY smoke and should only be used on the dyno or track.  This tune will make less HP than other tunes, but Torque should be very high very soon.  
    Use at your own risk! Quadzilla, Me78569, and Mopar1973man.com are not responsible if you choose to run this tune.



  5. Stock injector Race tune

    This tune is suited for stock injector trucks, it has a lot of canbus fueling offidle with a rapid rampup of fueling.  This tunes Wiretap will give you no less than %50 if you go WOT.  *** This tune is very aggressive run at your own risk



  6. Stock injector Tow tune

    this tune is suited for stock injector trucks to use as a tow tune.  There is a good amount of fueling offidle that stablizes and holds flat.  Not much wiretap and only after boost comes up a good bit.



  7. Edge Comp look alike tune

    This tune is built to imitate Edge Comp timing more so. Fueling is close to 5x3 on CANBus only. This tune does not have any wire tap setup yet.
    I'm no longer supporting this tune. Timing is not efficient for a daily driver tune. Very Steep timing curve and steep fuel map. 



  8. 7 x .012 injector tune for stock Turbo

    This tune is suited for guys running VERY large injectors on a stock turbo.  You should run clean with ~7 x .012 injectors.  Duration for this tune is well below OEM tuning across the board.  Wiretap will not come on until 30 psi and will come on slow.



  9. Me78569 High Altitude 7 x .010 daily

    This tune is setup for those at very high altitude.  still has good power, with good wiretap.  Higher timing up top and full canbus duration by ~20 psi wiretap starts coming in at 10 psi



  10. Large Injector Race Tune, T = OEM + timing

    this tune is meant for guys with 7 x .011's and bigger, that are having issues getting timing figured out.   This tune uses OEM timing + a few * of timing as rpm climb.   
    at 1500 you get oem + 2*
    2k: oem + 3*
    2.5K: oem + 4*
    3k: Oem + 5*
    max: oem + 6*



  11. me78569 7 x .012 injector daily tune

    This is my current Daily tune,  it is %100 smoke free on my truck while still being very DD friendly.    Please consider my trucks configuration is likely vastly dfferent compared to most my tunes are not likely well suited for your needs. 



  12. Daily Drive

    This one I've been using just to drive around, it seems to work well with my 75hp injectors and a hybrid hx35, 62/67/12. Usually I leave it on level 3 canbus only, and to get really moving in max it out to level 6, which is 5 on quad screen. 
    I'm using (V2 Quadzilla Only Test2) but I belive it will work jut fine with                  V2 Dodge 1998-2002, version 2.5



  13. Quadzilla V2 Large injector tow tune twins

    This tune is suited for trucks with big injectors and twins for a tow tune.   It may still be smokey offidle at WOT, but it is a good starting point for a tune. Wiretap is not hugely aggressive and wiretap fueling starts at 20 psi.  



  14. mid injector tow tune

    This tune is suited for 7 x .009 - 7 x .010 injectors as a tow tune.  Smoke offidle should be controllable with enough fuel to get you moving off the line.  fueling ramps up nicely in the 0 -8 psi range then starts to flatten out to allow you to use throttle movement to give more fueling without overfueling if boost spikes.  
    Wiretap comes on after 10 psi if you choose.



  15. fun / Daily tune mid injectors trucks

    injectors with 7 x .009 - 7 x .010.  This tune is very similar to the daily tune with one major difference.   Wiretap will allow for up to %50 wiretap offidle if you go WOT.    IE this tune will give you as much wiretap as you give it throttle. 



  16. medium injector trucks daily

    This tune is suited for trucks with 7 x .009's or .010's   It should reduce smoke offidle, but still give plenty of power offidle if you go WOT.   Wiretap will come in around 5 psi and you will get fuel to 3500 rpm.



  17. Large Injector Tow tune

    This tune is setup for 7 x .012 injector truck you should minus 2% from the curve per bump in injector size.
    fueling ramps up steady in the 0-10 psi range then starts to taper off to give you a nice towing tune.   This tune will not fuel out of control as boost comes up. Egt's should no be an issue



  18. Anti Theft tune

    This tune will make your truck dog slow.  Lvl 1 should struggle to break 1000 rpm at WOT and level 2 + should run slow enough to be a dog regardless of injector size.    fueling is set at %50 of stock for lvls 2+ and %15 of stock on lvl 1
    Huge injector trucks would still be drivable on lvl 2+ with this tune.



  19. Large Injector Extereme tune

    This tune is suited for trucks with large injectors 7 x .012 or bigger.  Fueling is reduced from stock fueling, but it should be more than enough to light turbos while allowing you to use full throttle movement offidle.   
    There is a good amount of wiretap after 10 psi and fueling is allowed until 3700 rpm.



  20. Race Tune for big injector trucks

    This tune is suited for trucks that are running 7 x .012 or bigger injector trucks,  It is better suited for injectors big enough to max a SO vp44 truck.  
    RPM limit is 3700 and wiretap applies fueling after 10 psi.   Fueling won't be overwheling down low, but it should be more than enough to light the turbo.



  21. Large injector emissions tune

    This tune is suited for trucks with large injectors 7 x .012's + to run emissions.  You may need to adjust it depending on the spec of your injectors, but 7 x .013's should run clean and still put down good numbers.  
    Wiretap will not kick in until 20 psi and it is not recommended to use it during emissions.  



  22. Emissions for 75-150 hp injector trucks

    This tune is suited for emissions with 75-150 hp injector trucks.    rampup of fueling is smooth and stable.  It will make good power after boost comes up.  
    some tweaking might be required.



  23. 75hp Tow Tune

    This tune is setup for mild injectors in the 50 to 75 hp range.  It will build power offidle farily quickly then level off after 10 psi.  Wiretap will start in the 10 psi area.  

    Fueling curve will be very much like OEM.  it will make peak power in the 1800-2200 rpm region then taper off if you are not at WOT.  



  24. Stock injector truck daily Tune

    This tune i suited for a stock injector truck



  25. Daily

    This is the daily or about the daily I've been using for about 2 months on my set up it's pretty smoke free unless u stomp on the throttle or are messing around it's got amazing throttle response tho I run on level 5 out of 10