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  1. My sensor is basically on the pump from what I can tell, no sensor anywhere near the vp, and wiring to what looks like a sensor right on the pump. Is that the correct way to do it? I have no idea how the rest of the suction side is set up but I will find out soon it looks like. Need to call the guy and see what all he did when putting in the FASS. I know he had the bed off at some point so hopefully the hard parts are there and it's just a loose clamp somewhere. The pump has a return line up to the filler neck, which is where I hear that splash of fuel every second or so with the coi
  2. Well after approx an hour and a half of running great yesterday (with several starts and stops) it went into some kind of limp mode last night right after I started it from sitting for a couple hours. Throwing one code - P0216. I inspected those timing solenoid wires and there was clear evidence they had gotten very hot, whether it was from shorting or the pump heating up I am not sure due to another issue I found outlined below. I took the electrical tape off and the wires to the timing solenoid are frayed much more than they were from getting hot I assume. In some initial troub
  3. Them being stainless would make sense, definitely didn't look copper. Resistance to ground was less than 1 ohm from any plug I tested, I used dielectric grease on all the connections when I plugged them back in. I had tried 4-5 other things that I didn't include in the post trying to fix it and nothing changed anything till I started adding more insulation to those two wires. Seems like to me the OEM sheath I cut off trying to find the end of bare wire was important after all. I tried to measure the AC noise from the alternator post to pass side ground on the battery and my volt
  4. Sheathing was halfway gone, wires showed no signs of ever being individually insulated and had bare wire showing wherever the sheath wasn't. This morning I took some aluminum foil, folded it up in about 5 layers, wrapped it in electrical tape, and made a sheathing for those two wires then grounded the sheath. I've driven about an hour and a half this afternoon and the problem hasn't come back. Those two wires aren't in a bundle with other wires but are next to the vp's computer. Makes me think there is some kind of electrical noise coming off the pump that the original sheath was
  5. I've done everything on the diagnostic guide but #1, and I have a FASS and don't understand how to measure AC voltage across a plug when the truck needs to be running to do so. I unhooked the alternator and nothing changed, so shouldn't that remove the AC voltage issue from the alternator?
  6. I've got an 01 6 speed HO with 160k on it I bought not too long ago. Previous owner had installed a FASS and Edge Juice on it. I went to clean up some line routing/wiring and noticed what I now know to be the timing solenoid wires were completely bare at the top outside the sheath. I poked around that area a bit, looked over some fuel pump wiring/hoses and then quit for the night after I saw how much work I needed to do. Next day I fired it up (still hadn't done anything but literally poke the wire bundle around to look at it) idling rough, p1690 pops up (no other codes) I shut i
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