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  1. Just a update....got the repaired ECM back. Installed and it looks like its dead. Doesn’t bump fuel pump, no WTS, and cranks with no start. I contacted the repair service and they had suspected processor from the start. They refunded my money and I ordered a “new”. Guess it will have to sit a little longer. On a different note I dumped the ECM plug bolt while I was trying to figure out what was going on. Does anyone have any specs on that bolt? Not a huge deal. I think I’ll be able to find it when the weather clears but just in case any info would help.
  2. So taking this step by step....I have the WT mod done and just changed alternator. When I first started truck I had .04-.05. It was cold and grid heater was cycling. When it cycles my meter would go everywhere before settling back on .04-.05. I let it run for roughly 10 mins. Checked it again and got .035. Does that seem right? That’s roughly what I got when I did the WT mod with the old alternator on. Trying to knock out this AC noise issue before I remove the ECM.
  3. Appreciate the info. I got some work to do. Hopefully in about a week I’ll post good news.
  4. 10-4 Now with the alternator...should I be changing it with a direct replacement? Really want to make sure I’m taking the steps to not deal with this again. This has been a nightmare.
  5. Just before I send it out again...why is it I would only have issues on warm restarts?
  6. So started truck today and checked AC voltage. .02-.03. Ran up town and when I got back checked it again .06-.08. Brought it into shop and finished WT mod. Took it for a 10 mile drive and same ol story. When I got to my location I shut it off, went into my parents house for about 10 mins. When I went to leave it surged and went into limp mode. I got p0606. Just to throw some more info out there the truck always has code p0380. I can’t seem to erase it. Once I clear p0606 the CEL comes on with code p1689. I can clear them and get out of limo mode but it doesn’t matter. It will surge and kick me back into limp mode. I’ll go home, unhook batteries, and it will run fine in the morning. Thoughts?
  7. I apologize I didn’t take down the numbers of the AC test. I just know when I checked it it seemed in range. I’ll check it again tomorrow and post the results. I feel confident my grounds are good. I’ve been slowly eliminating all the low hanging fruit over the last 6 months.
  8. First time posting but love this site. I have a 99 Dodge Cummins. Roughly 160,000. This issue started roughly 6 months ago. The truck runs great until a warm restart. Then in bucks and surges a bit when I hit the throttle and eventually goes into limp mode. It has never done it on a cold start. I can put money down I can start it in the morning and it will be fine. I’ll drive to town with no issues. If I shut it off go into a store and come out it bucks and surges then goes to limp mode. It results in a p0606 code. So when it first did it I changed the APPs out to a Timbo apps. I have also changed the MAP and IAT. I sent the ECM off to get repaired. Oddly enough when I got it back it ran great. Way more power then it had. However I then developed the torque converter lock up issues. I did all the usual stuff. Moved the ground cable that runs by the alternator, foiled it, and added the BD noise suppressor. Cured the torque converter lock up issue. Thought I had her licked. Drove it today about 10 miles...went into a store....when I came out and started it the problem came back. Not sure what else I can do. Alternator noise seems to be low. I’ve gone through all the grounds. Any thoughts?
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