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  1. New starter contacts. batteries less than a year old. Had load tested. Jumped all cables. Cross over and grounds with jumper cables. To check wires. Any suggestions? Maybe have starter bench tested
  2. @DieselfutureI to would like @dap to elaborate on that. I was told by dap that I would have to start fuel trim at 85-90% at 0psi to stop smoke. But 150 injectors only flow 80% of fuel vs stock injectors? Definitely banging my head right now. @DieselfutureI'm not looking to roal coal every where I go. Want a clean powerful daily. at this point I'm wishing I kept stock injectors and just put the quad in. Just want to figure out why it wants to stall when put in gear. It's not the tc. Barely any engine load sitting still in gear. If I get on the skinny pedal quick after putting in gear I get
  3. @Mopar1973Manquick summary. Bought the truck mid winter. started really rough and smoked until warm. Noticed the battery guage didn't drop when grid heater solenoid clicked. Bought it for a decent price. Sure enough the grid heater solenoids were bad. 75$ later truck was turn key. 30 k on rebuilt trans stock stall converter have the paperwork. Had slight idle haze and could smell the unburnt fuel. Driving there was no smoke good pedal response. 217k on stock injectors 1 owner truck. so I bought the dap 7x.0010 dap vco injectors. Quadzilla adrenaline. Bd stealth cover. installed all at the same
  4. Thanks @Mopar1973Maninjectors re installed yesterday ran out of daylight primed and started up today. initially installed primed up in like 30 seconds after installing. This time it took about 5 key bumps to get fuel to cylinders 1 3 4 and 5 to start. Same symptoms. Maybe my vp is getting weak after bigger injectors.
  5. So I got the injectors back today. When I Originally called and explained my symptoms and asked what pop pressure they were set to I was told they were set to 310 when I called. Spoke with dap Friday to check on status. Was then told they all tested within 9 psi of each other witch was still in spec but they lowered a bit and should help. Get them today with test results and they all tested 289-299 range and now there set to 290? Stated on test sheet ac problem,programmer problem,or weak vp. I told them I had a ac bypass belt on. Vp is reman and I had disconnected the quad. no problems since s
  6. That's what I figured. I had a 1998.5 like 10 years ago no tune and bigger injectors. not sure what company but was told 100hp. It too smoked like a frieght train. So yeah I bet a problem with injectors if I can't get a puff with 150s thanks @dripley
  7. @dripleyI guess what I'm getting down to is should 150hp injectors smoke on no tune even with quad removed? I assumed yes on the low end until turbo spooled. But nothing combined to bad idle under load. @dripleyDid your 275s smoke with no tune? That's what I'm getting at. 150hp injectors zero smoke before any tune.
  8. I plan on it. That's why I got the quad.i want zero to minimal smoke vs power. Was planning on getting 275s but was told by jkidd to get 150s to grow into knowing bigger turbo in future. and start tune at 85ish at 0 psi for no smoke. Then after bigger turbo Turn up. Said stock tune would smoke a lot on the low end. Was just wondering why no smoke no matter how hard I try. Hopefully they find a problem to explain that's related to my problem main problem. thanks @dripley
  9. Injectors are in the mail. hopefully they find something. I've had zero problems with the truck except grid heater relay. since the stock trans rebuild 30k miles ago. I have a spare trans I picked up to use as a core for a fully built in the future as needed with the added power. Have head studs ready to install. Planed to order a bigger turbo last week as well but wanna figure this out before I do any more work to keep the possible causes to a minimum. any recommendations on a good tranny setup or turbo size? Thanks. Also the 7x.0010s vco had zero smoke on stock tune. Can bus 100% across
  10. Thanks @dieselautopowerkaycee will be getting an email shortly with tracking you will have them Wednesday.
  11. Pulled injectors today to be returned to have pop tested and noticed 3 of the copper washers are slightly thicker and slightly larger in diameter than the other 3. I still have my old ones and all 6 look like the smaller ones. Could this be the route off all my problems?
  12. They are vco. Said they were set to 310 bar. They look like they have been rebuilt alot.
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