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  1. Yeah I mean I really liked the truck and it was well taken care of but I am hoping that eventually one will come along that will be more affordable with less miles and also well taken care of. It also didn't have power seats, mirrors, or locks. Which I kind of wanted to have because manual locks are such a pain and I want to deal with them anymore haha - - - Updated - - - Also I see you have the sport version. What is the difference between that an the SLT?
  2. I checked out the truck yesterday. I liked it a lot but the price was just too high so I had to pass. Everything seemed to be in good condition though. Thanks for all the advice!
  3. how do you check for play in the steering?
  4. Yeah I'm actually going to look at the truck tomorrow. I'll look at the turbo and do the key on and off 3 times to look for the codes. What is compressor rubbing?
  5. Would you recommend buying from a dealer or private seller?
  6. I don't know where to find any that have been owned by a "grandpa." All the ones around me have been upgraded and stuff. The only place that has some that are all completely stock and owned by a grandpa is a place in New York called fast lane diesel and from what I heard that guy isn't the best to buy from.
  7. Ok with that being said and with the ad and other upgrades, what do you think a reasonable price for the truck would be?
  8. Ok if it has that how do I get rid of it and I'm assuming that will bring the value down but by how much?
  9. - - - Updated - - - If you get serious about buying it I would pull the intake and check out the turbo, K&N's are not great filters and known to damage turbo's.
  10. How do I tell the guy that it is over priced? This is my first time buying a used truck and also a diesel. What would you be comfortable paying?
  11. http://york.craigslist.org/cto/3397995651.html I'm going to check out this truck on Sunday and was just wondering if you thought it was worth the price. It is now lowered to 18,900 but still seems a little high to me. I was thinking somewhere around 16k. 181,000 miles. Here's a list of the things that were done to it: Air Dog 150 K&N Cold Air Intake 18" XD Wheels with 33" ____ Cepek Mud Country's Bed Tool Box Head Unit Tow Mirrors Also Included: 5 Oil Filters 1 Air Dog Filter And a free oil change:thumbup2: It hasn't been chipped or anything and hasn't been used for towing, just a dai
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