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  1. @Silverwolf2691 pulling on entrance ramp doing about 65 crank snapped on a weird angle causeing it to rip all main caps out of the block and cracking it all over threw the web of the block and the best part is 215xxx miles and oil changed with rotella t4 every 3k pretty mild with s362 100hp ddp sticks and quadzilla
  2. So if i put my 02 cam in it and 02 gear housing and swap map sensors i should be good there? What about the crank gear, I thought there was a different tooth count? Maybe im wrong I guess other than that if someone knew the complete list of part change outs needed to be done to have a successfuly running truck
  3. So I know there was a thread on this back in 2016 but reading into the document it looks like the guy who made the thread never really did the swap just stated what he thought needed to be done so bringin this back i have an 02 6 speed truck which unfortunately has snapped the crank ripping the main caps out and cracking the block, and me not knowing it was a headache to swap ended up snagging a 99 motor for it, well instead of loosin my you know what on trying to sell this damn thing and finding another has anyone done this successfully without it being a huge headache again i am trying to put a 98.5 24v in the 02 chassis, thanks again!
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