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  1. Is the new pump that goes in the tank good enough for 100 HP Sticks?
  2. I just put in a dodge oem pusher pump will this be good enough? Sorry will start a new topic.
  3. We had some pipe liners in town this last winter and that is what they added to their fuel to prevent it from gelling up on them. They were doing in on anything from fords chevs and dodge and even the heavy equipment. According to some o fthe guys that I talked to they have been doing it for years. ( I am not saying I approve of this just putting it out for some discussion.)
  4. Has anyone heard of cutting #1 in the winter time (-30 or colder) with 1 gallon of gasoline to 30 gallons #1 to prevent gelling?
  5. I just ordered a set of FB 100's. will let know how i like them when installed.
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