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  1. I just bought a 99 3500 i have a problem i have no steering and the abs motor pump is staying on. i had to diconnect the abs pump to stop running. i put fluid in the powers steering pump and worked the wheel back and forth then i looked under the truck for the leaks but not leaks on power steering pump. and still no power steering. and the abs pump stays on
  2. i need some help. i have a 99 3500 i just bought and a have a head light problem. When i turn the lights on every light turns on but the head light. i checked the fuses and the connections and they were good. What can be wrong? help please
  3. Hi guys i just joined the site and its great. I just bought 1999 3500 and im having a problem with the heads lights not going on. i checked the fuses and the wires to the lights. All the other lights work on the truck. i need help
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