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  1. yeah man I didnt even think about giving them a call until this morning. Awesome they had one, I was in the car heading their way asap. They have a good setup there.
  2. There was no spacer on the old starter thanks to the clueless ex owner. It was the exact same model as the new one I installed. I am assuming that it also was ground down by the previous owner. Looked all over for a spacer. Called Wooster Diesel and they happened to have a spacer! It was the solution to my problems. Starter fits and works great now. Now I just need to find the correct fuel hose to fix the leaking lift pump to fuel filter hose and I should be good to go.
  3. Yeah thats what I thought when I pulled it off lol From what I've been able to find out. Starter spacers are required for use with dual disk clutches. The previous owner did not have a spacer on it either so the truck must have done the same thing to the old starter. These cummins are tough, they eat starters for fun. Now I just need to find a spacer by Saturday. Or preferably tomorrow...when I have time to work on it.
  4. I may win the idiot of the year award. The noise I thought was the starter running? It was this going on. How is that possible? Is there a certain way the starters need to be installed? The noise I heard must have been the flywheel grinding down the nose of the starter.... I had Autozone pull up the part number for a 01 24v 7 code engine and this is what they gave me...idk
  5. Does anyone know the size of the hose that runs from a block mounted FASS lift pump into the fuel filter canister? I am leaking a little fuel back by the banjo bolt that bolts into the filter canister and I am thinking that the hose itself is possibly leaking. I tried to tighten the banjo bolt but it was torqued pretty snug so I dont think that is what is leaking. Also I assume I need to use a hose that is rated for fuel when I replace the old hose?
  6. Thanks guys. I'll pull the starter again tomorrow and double check everything. They bench tested it for me at the store before I took it so I cannot imagine the starter is bad already. Will pulling the starter relay while the truck is running do anything? I would think if I pulled the relay and I heard the starter stop running that I could pinpoint the problem. The previous owner did A LOT of crappy wiring when installing aftermarket or replacement parts. I am hoping he didnt somehow bypass a relay. I'll figure this thing out someday lol I need the truck by Saturday. So I have a couple days
  7. Update: Pulled the starter and the end cap off the starter and the wire post that connects to the brown wire had broken off inside of the starter. I will be picking up a replacement starter in about an hour and hope to be up and running later today. - - - Updated - - - ANOTHER update: Is there a special procedure to install the starter? I bolted it up, tightened all the wires down and it fired right up. But while the truck is running I swear I can hear the starter motor still running. I turn the key to start position again (while it is running) and I dont hear it grind like when you normally attempt to start an already running engine. I feel like the starter is not disengaging? Is that even possible?
  8. Is M10-1.50 x 35mm the correct size for the starter bolts? I am missing the upper bolt, would like to pick one up at the hardware store tomorrow.
  9. I believe sir, you have hit the nail on the head. I was afraid of that, kinda figured that might be what happened. Thankfully I have lifetime replacement on the starter so I will pull it tomorrow, swap it for a new one and see if I can get it figured out.
  10. Is there anyway to bypass the clutch position sensor? I want to rule that out of the equation.
  11. Hey guys. 2001 2500 24v 6speed manual. Always has started perfect and fast. I noticed a very loose wire on the starter yesterday (the smaller wire). I was going to pull the wire off, strip it down a little then reinstall it to get a better connection. I wasnt thinking when I first got under it with pliers to loosen the nut. I must of touched something together because I got a spark and a loud noise. Almost like it tried to turn over. Disconnected the batteries so that wouldn't happen again. Pulled the wire off, stripped it down to good wire, wound it around the grounding post and tightened a nut down on it. Reattached the batteries, turn the key to start, all the lights come on, accessories work, etc. But when I turn the key to start I get nothing though, not even a click. Did I fry something when I touched the starter with pliers? I checked all connections, they look good. I can't tell if my relay is good. Is there anyway I can jump the starter from underneath to see if it is still good? The starter is nearly brand new from auto zone, but I noticed as I was trying to remove the nut on the mounting post for the smaller wire the mounting post was just turning. Like it was loose inside the starter? I just replaced the starter relay, and 40 amp solenoid fuse 20 min ago, still nothing, not even a click. Once again all accessories work, WTS light works, etc. What did I do? Thanks guys
  12. ok so I should be able to just order that Schrader valve and be good to go? Update: I replaced the fuel filter drain valve yesterday and the truck seems like its running much better. Felt it surge a couple times until it warmed up then after a couple minutes it ran great. Only thing I notice is that it takes a little longer to start than it did before (by like one or two seconds, nothing major) I'll be able to track everything down after I know the fuel pressure :banghead:
  13. dang thanks for the heads up guys. Ill rip that out and get the factory test port in there asap. And you think Vulcan will have it?
  14. While I am waiting for my new drain valve I want to figure out how I am going to test my fuel pressure. Was planning to rent a gauge from Auto Zone, looks like they have a ton of different fittings, hope one will fit on the vp44 text port. On my truck's test port however there is a sensor for a monitor or EV2 gauge. I do not have either. Can I simply unscrew that sensor and still be able to check the fuel pressure or does that sensor remove the pressure fitting that you use to test fuel pressure.
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