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  2. I watched the videos but it doesn't show the cutting/reassembly which I didn't like. I'm sure I will end up buying it I just wanted to hear your thoughts on it all thanks
  3. I haven't dug into it yet but I'm thinking I need 2 doors. But I guess what I mean is did you feel like the doors were made well and the kit and instructions were put together well enough to justify the price? Just want to see what you thought of it don't want to spend that much if it's a cobble job kit I could basically make myself lol
  4. Dorkweed, I am having problems with my doors too and am looking into the heater treater kit. Do you feel it was worth the money? Just seems like a lot for what it is
  5. AH64ID, I just happened to find this old post and this kind of sounds like what happened to me. Since I already had the truck running and it was electrical shouldn't of the cp3 been able to pull fuel through it? In my case it sucked the canister dry then died so seized lift pump maybe!?
  6. Ok so I've checked all the connections that were in the area I would have been in when installing the shocks and everything seems to be good. I didn't see any fuses that had anything labeled fuel other than fuel heater, but I checked ones that I thought had something to do with it and all checked out. I traced some wires and it went to a relay any way I can test that? I wish I knew what wires in the harness actually went to the lift pump to I could test to make sure there is power.
  7. I bought the truck with just shy of 60k and it was done prior to me owning it. Now it has almost 134k so maybe it was just time for it to happen. I'm going to check all the wiring again when I get off work. I was trying to listen last night and did not hear anything from the tank. Also am I right to guess that if I have the cap off the filter canister with the key on it should be overflowing if the lift pump was working?
  8. Help!! So after work today I put new shocks on the truck, after I had finished I started it to take it for a test drive, and while talking to my brother the truck hiccuped then died. I tried to re start it but it will only crank over (with no codes). I then opened up the filter canister and it was dry. Also my truck doesn't have the canister mounted lift pump. It got dark too quick but tomorrow I will check to make sure that I didn't bump any wiring connections when installing the shocks, but other than that what are you guys thinking lift pump??Thanks for any help!
  9. Any thoughts on the newer Mopar box? I'm trying to return mine to Napa so I'll need one with out an outrageous core charge.
  10. What's everyone's opinion on the best gearbox? Just replaced mine from napa and its total garbage out of the box. So looking to save some time and do it right. Thanks
  11. This is off the Mads website Q. Which version of "stock" will the Smarty come with. A. Smarty does NOT download the complete original software from the ECM and does not store it into it's memory. That is for a simple reason. The protocol in the ECM does not allow to read the flash memory. How can Smarty then return to stock? Simple he has all the latest stock softwares already on board. When you choose to return the truck back to stock, Smarty takes the stock software from it's memory and updates the ECM with that software.
  12. My 04 is the cali model and with the smarty you will never know the difference - - - Updated - - - They are referring to the S-06 which is the sr model of smarty compared to the J-06 which is the jr model. The jr has 3 power levels and the sr has 10.
  13. are 2nd gens power steering fluid? so I know for future reference.
  14. I dont know about 2nd gens but my power steering fluid is ATF and not actual power steering fluid.
  15. In 04.5 the wastegate changed to electronicly controlled along with a few other small things. And I think that the HO models had more horsepower.
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