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  1. . Anyone have experience with them? I recently picked up a set of used Industrial Injection Dragon Flow Stage IV (150HP) injectors. The II Dragon Flows are a bit unique in the fact that they have a 10-hole EDM honed nozzle (6 large primary holes / 4 small ancillary holes). The 4 smaller holes are designed for better fuel atomization and control at lower RPM's (less smoke).
  2. How large of an injector could be ran with this turbo?
  3. Did you clock the discharge? What did you so with the waste gate?
  4. What about the ten and over hole injectors? The Industrial Injectors all have over 10? Any benefit?
  5. Anyone know if these wheels would work for a light duty truck? Supposedly a 16.5 8 lug "semi" wheel?
  6. Still running without problems, I'm thinking the PowerService Diesel Kleen had something to do with the fuel filters clogging they were only 5-6 months old; or a bad batch of fuel.
  7. Or I somehow pumped air into the injector and didn't have the VP bled correctly; but, I don't understand how that could happen with a daily driven vehicle.
  8. Bypassed the filter system with some 1/2" line and a remote 5mic filter and the truck fired up after bleeding the system, including injectors. I replace all filters and reinstalled the fuel system and the truck runs like it did prior to this episode fuel pressure jumps straight up to just under 20psi by both my mechanical gauges and holds there under all driving conditions. I cut open the water/fuel filter and it looked brand new with no visible wear- to me it looked brand new; the 3 micron Donaldson on the other hand was slightly discolored compared to the fuel/water, but other than t
  9. Good idea on a second gauge, I'll report back with new readings ASAP.
  10. Timbo APPS sensor on the truck which replaced the failing OEM, I'll check function tomorrow.
  11. Trying to diagnose a my truck dying while driving down the freeway. Truck is a 1999 Cummins 5 Speed in a 83 Ford. VanAken Box 1/2 Napa fuel strainer before the Fuel pump Walbro 255 Fuel Pump 20 Mic Water Separator w/drain Donaldson P558000 3 Mic Fuel Filter Donaldson P551313 1/2 fuel line from the sump to VP The Fuel system is all brand new from tank to the filters to the 1/2 line to the VP as of 6 months ago. Here is how yesterday went: Brother gave me a bottle of Power Service Diesel Kleen and figured why not try it, I haven’t had a heavy trailer on in a while
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