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  1. https://photos.smugmug.com/Transportation/i-CcKgv4Z/0/074cb836/X3/20150404_165731-X3.jpg https://photos.smugmug.com/Transportation/i-WBbHb6q/0/ff5c69bd/X3/20150404_165713-X3.jpg https://commtrd.smugmug.com/Transportation/i-vCdqMV5# https://photos.smugmug.com/Transportation/i-sWhCT7X/0/75ab5ce8/X3/radiator-cooler install_070316-X3.jpg https://photos.smugmug.com/Transportation/i-Mp3L3gM/0/4e7512c3/X3/20180130_155626-2-X3.jpg Also installed a new Fass Titanium 150 lift pump (the old Airdog 150 died), a Fleece Powerflo 750 CP3, new fuel hose from tank to CP3. Turbos pictured are another example of the fine craftsmanship of Pat Liskey (Big Twin Diesel). So the old dodge keeps on running and is paid for. No emissions to delete!
  2. Drove from Houston to San Antonio and truck ran flawlessly. Temp held around 200* as normal. I got the new driveshafts installed and it is amazing how smooth the truck runs now. Huge Spicer u-joints! That 5" aluminum driveshaft is a work of art. I tried adding to signature and it's not letting me do it so remain signature-less.
  3. I picked up a 190* thermostat at the parts place will put that (correct) one in. The water pump replacement wasn't bad at all. Removing the airbox is the key as that allows easiest access. I didn't have any problem at all breaking the bolts loose even with my short 1/4" drive ratchet. The serpentine drive belt replacement now that was another story. What a total pain.
  4. What is the correct temp rating for the thermostat? Guessing it is 200* since that is where my truck has always run. Force of habit I guess because I have always put in 180* thermostats in every vehicle I ever owned and that was the correct temp. I need to pick up the correct stat so I can finish the job knowing it is done right. Thanks!
  5. Time to install a new water pump today. Started leaking a little out the weep hole. I had purchased a 180* thermostat to replace the one in the truck (plus belt, hoses, tensioner) to do the 100k PM stuff. Will the 180* thermostat create any problems with the computer looking for 200* which is where it has always run long as I have had the truck. I just thought about this after I bought the new thermostat of course. I have never heard of the computer throwing any codes due to a cooler running thermostat but had to ask.BTW getting my new custom made aluminum driveshafts this Friday! 5" with oversize Spicer u-joints in the rear and 3" for the front. Slowly getting this truck bulletproof as possible.
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