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  1. I have a fass 95 fuel pump and fuel gauge(18psi). Other gauges pyro, boost, trans. Everything is good. I will know more when I get back into country, because it broke down 45 minutes before I had to be at the airport. So stalling is not a real issue right now. I will have to check several things upon my return.Oh well ..
  2. Now that it is warming up my truck seems to stall when it is warm. First thing in the morning it is fine but after a 10 to 15 min drive it will stall when put into gear. It also has a bit of a lope after starting when warm. No codes no change in fuel additives. Replaced vp44 2 years ago with no problems after. Any ideas?AkFred
  3. I am new here so I am trying to get rid of the newbie rank. I have seen some post about testing wires, most stick a probe in the wire then use tape. Tape does not usually seal the hole. Use liquid tape to seal and corrosion will not be a problem. When testing several wires and you forget which wires you checked use finger nail polish for marking, then cover with liquid tape. One post closer to getting out of the newbie dog house. AkFred
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