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    Nathan Croxton

  2. I left the smarty settings on default when I last put it on 4. I never really cared for the torque management being high. All it seemed to do for me was boost throttle sensitivity. I thought about trying sw8 and 5x1 on the comp. I wasn't sure if I was going the wrong way and needed slightly less fuel from the smarty.
  3. It must be sw4 then. I can't ever remember which ones add timing. Good thing they provide a paper that tells me.
  4. I know the smarty and edge stock aren't optimal for top end power but I love the low end grunt the smarty adds. I was wondering if any one was running anything close and what would be good for my set up. I don't think I can adjust the timing since the edge does that. Also I know i can only run the fuel only tunes. I think the TM only boosts throttle sensitivity on my year. I understand what duration does but I don't know if the Comp does that. I am currently running on SW5 and am seeing a little over 18mpg with the comp on 5x5. I'm only one week on my new set up.
  5. I'm asking $200. If you want to message me a number I can send pictures via phone. if not I can post some on here for you.
  6. I have an HX 35 I want to sell.. No shaft play
  7. I ended up getting the injector and turbo combination from DAP. So far I have been very happy with it
  8. I would prefer a single that I could grow into and keep around 45 psi until I need a head gasket. I figured my truck will need one soon then I would do head studs. My hx35 will peg my 35 psi guage at 2200 rpm so I'm not sure where it is actually at. That has been my set up for almost two years. So im not really sure how much longer it will last
  9. It had right at a half tank and fired right away. I still think there might be an air leak somewhere. I wanted to replace the cross tube o rings I just haven't had much time
  10. I could go with injectors first, I just figured it would be a smokey mess. Other than shaft play and exhaust leaks on the turbo is there anything else to look for. When I change the oil in a week or so I am going to check my turbo out. I don't want to buy injectors if the turbo is on its way out
  11. The crank sensor fixed the tach, it just took a day for some reason... all the other codes were fixed with a map sensor.
  12. So I guess The super B single is the way to go. I had looked at it. I just don't know much about BD turbos
  13. I'm sure with a Cheetah you are paying for a name. A cheetah seemed high at almost $1800. A 63/68/12 sounds nice, what are my options in that size? I don't tow very much and if I do it's not heavy.
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