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  2. Got in a little early today and just popped the hood. Wiper arms are clean and free to move. Removed the relay. With switch off, key on, I have 12v on wire #2 (as labeled on motor) Blue Wire. No other voltage. Tested at the plug. Switch on low - I have 12v on wires 3 & 2 brown and blue wires. Tested at the plug. With plug connected, key on, switch on low, I have 12v on wire 3 brown 12v on wire 2 blue 0 v on wire 1 green 12 v on wire 4 red 12 on ground
  3. I wish I could read and understand the diagram! Blueprints I have no problem with, but that is different animal!!
  4. No. Headed to the beach for a while. I'll worry with it when I get back. I think I'll pull the cowl off of my '99 and probe around with the volt meter and see if I can find any differences. Maybe that will help.
  5. I'm on 3rd motor. I'm definitely not a mechanic, so having the ground wire light up a test light is blowing my mind!!
  6. When I set meter to 20K ohm, I get 0.02 on both hi and low circuit.
  7. with the motor not installed and not grounded, if I hook a jumper wire direct from the battery to either the hi or low terminal on the battery, I get 12v on the ground. I get about 2-3 volts on the ground when the jumper is hooked to either of the two center park terminals. I don't know if it was like this before I hooked it to the truck. When I got the motor, I connected the electrical plug and turned on the wipers and checked the ground. It had 12v on it so I unplugged it. I don't know if there is an issue on the truck that fried something in the motor (almost instantly) or if these mot
  8. Everything is working fine. I would think to have voltage on the outside of the motor, it would have to come from the inside? The plug has four wires: 1 low speed, 1 hi speed and 2 park wires. The plug has voltage on the speed wires at the project switch setting. One park wire has voltage at all times and one park has none. It makes me think something is zapping the park switch circuitry in the motor? These are autozone cardone reman motors. I would realty like to know when the park wires are supposed to have voltage.
  9. Wipers quit on my 2001. Could hear relay clicking when on intermittent, so figured motor. Got a reman motor from autozone. When I hook up 4 wire connector and turn on switch, it blows fuse. Check ground and I am getting 12v on the ground when switch is on. Check plug and I get 12v on the hi and lo when switched to hi and low. I have 12V constant on one of the park wires (blue wire). Figured motor was bad, swapped it and replacement does same thing. I replaced multifunction switch, same problem. thoughts??
  10. Ok guys I'm bringing this thread back up. Truck still has the issue of dying, ONCE, after every fill up. It will die the first time you slow for a turn or stop sign. Truck cranks right back and usually will not die again. It is very low on power after filling up, but power gradually comes back 30-50 miles down the road. To date we have: Changed fuel filters numerous times New lift pump (under the hood) Rebuilt CP3 Blew through all lines and vents Dropped the tank to check for debris Cleaned intake screen on fuel canister We have found filling to 1/2 tank does not caus
  11. Ok, he blew air through supply line and return line. Didn't help. Going to check vent lines now.
  12. I thought that also, so we tried leaving the fuel cap off. Is there a simple way to test fuel flow?
  13. His pump is probably on filter canister. I thought it would be in the tank, but he said it was under the hood. Like I said earlier, I am not familiar with CR.
  14. This problem is on my business partner's 2003 CR, not one of mine. He has no gauges. He said he has LP under hood mounted on firewall. LP was not replaced to fix this problem. Assuming it is fuel pressure related, why would he only have problem when tank is full?
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