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  2. That's interesting that the p7100 has no provisions for dynamic timing,but that dosen't suprise me for the fact that some of the older mechanical diesels never had it either and some did.Caterpillar and Mack have advancer's bolted to the front of the pumps, bbc Cummins and 2 stroke Detroit Diesels didnt and i can understand why they didn't , older BBC Cummins, Detroit Diesels DT466's and 5.9 Cummins started life in construction equipment ,farm equipment stationary power plants and gen sets so i don't think an advance unit was really there focus when these engines where designed to run wide open 80% of it's life.
  3. Like i posted when i joined up i'm green to these 5.9"s and all the information that the members reply is awesome.I just wanted something simple and that is why i was asking about the 7100 pump.The mpg's and mega power are not my what i'm chasing.
  4. I understand that the electronics and vp pump are far superior than the mechanical pumps when it comes to mpg"s.But this engine is going in my1976 Ford Highboy and i want it to be a clean and simple install and not wanting to deal with all the wiring harnesses, relay panels ,computer, sensors and anything else i missed.
  5. Well i got this 2001 finally running on my test stand,thanks to Mopar man andYankneck696 for the wiring diagrams. I got a couple of questions that maybe someone can help me out with. I want to convert it over to a mechanical motor and want to know what i need., and is the p7100 pump that came on the DT466 International engines the same pump used on the Cummins 12 valve. Thank You Craig
  6. Name: plymouth barracuda (1967) Date Added: 15 April 2015 - 08:42 AM Owner: dragraceer1956 Short Description: My summer toy View Vehicle
  7. Thank you gentlemen ,this should head me in the right direction.
  8. Hi, i'm new to this site and there is a-lot of neat stuff on here.I got a question that maybe someone can help me out with.I got a 24v engine out of a 2001 school bus been sitting for a long time so i threw it on my motor stand and put a new head on it. I want to test it on the stand but having trouble wiring the apps because it is on the throttle pedal and not on the side of the pump. I don't want to burn the pump up by doing something stupid for it is a new one.I have already had it running but only at idle i want to throttle it up but can't figure it out . Thanks Craig
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