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  1. I'm on my second set of govenor switches, and it will go into limp mode almost every time for the first drive of the day. I also read that the wire going to the alternater needs to be better isolated from engine. Donald
  2. Hmm, maybe but my understanding is when you change out your torque and do your valve body that sometimes it increases the pressure over the allowed limit of computer
  3. http://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/98-5-02-performance-parts-discussion/305675-transmission-safe-mode.html#post3225568 Here's a little info
  4. No, there is a resistor that people put in to fool the computer into thinking it's running regular pressure. I read about it a while back and now I can't find the thread. Donald
  5. I read a while back somewheres that there's a resister you can put in to allow for higher trans pressure from aftermarket valve body and torque. Does anyone know where I can get one and instructions for install? Thanks, Donald
  6. I think it's an EZ. It's either EZ or Comp, but I think EZ. Donald
  7. programmer problem? Hey guys, my neighbor bought my 60hp edge programmer off of me and put it on his 02. 1 time you start the truck, the programmer is working and will stay working until you start the truck again, than the next time it may or may not work. We checked all connections and there's no corrosion issues, but I don't know what else we could check. Anybody else ever have this problem? Donald
  8. It's like 2500 miles away from me, so I that wont work. I found a head for $250 but by the time you got it checked out, I wouldn't be too far off the price of a new one. There's a complete truck for sale, a 98 dually 2wd, asking $2500 I was thinking on calling about. Donald
  9. Bunch of hairline cracks, not sure if it's warped or not. Donald
  10. I'll see Monday if he can get some sizes off them. I'm think I'm going back to a 12 valve with the inline pump. My head is screwed and it's going to be too much money to put into an old truck. So I'll will be listing some parts for sale soon, 3 month old injector pump, edge juice/ hot unlock, block, crank, etc. I don't know how much work it will be to get the lock-up to work, anybody know rite off hand? Am I crazy going back to a 12 valve? I have an old truck I'm junking is the biggest reason why I'm going with the 12 valve. Donald
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