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  1. that would be nice if it was all it needed but the spiders pretty much destroyed themselves i found 1/4" chunks of spider gear in the bottom of the diff luckily they didn't get into the pinion gear and chew that as-well i will post a pic of the spiders when i pull the unit apart
  2. thanks for the info Bill, i'm leaning toward the OEM style rebuild kit, seems like it'll be easier to get parts for if something wears out again and there's more info on setting up OEM style clutch sets... this is the kit i was looking at ( http://www.iwerearendsonly.com/product_details.php?id=18 ) buddy said it's $350.00 Canadian but they're out of B.C so add another $50 for shipping to Ontario... does it seem like a good price for a full rebuild kit ?
  3. sounds easy enough, what about the "all steel" clutch sets they sell though is there any benefit? i've been doing some reading and from what i've heard steel last longer then steel/fiber and offers a little more friction to lock up a little tighter... have you ever used or heard of just steel clutches ?
  4. hey guys been a while since i've posted anything. i've still been working on the beast and have made it to the back axle that clearly needs the power lock rebuilt (spider gears are in really ruff shape and clutches are pretty well shot) i would love to hear some idea's on how i should set this thing up i.e steel clutches or fiber/steel ? i hear some people talking about using dana 80 clutch kit or dana 70hd clutch kits instead of OEM ? as-well as clutch set up washer/clutch plate arrangement. if anyone has any experience or input it would be much appreciated!! if i had the $ i'd go for an arb but my pockets are a little light at the moment
  5. exhaust port is 1.125" wide by 1.625" tall (1 1/8" X 1 5/8"... 28mm X 41mm) saw this post a while ago and finally got some time to pull the head, doing a head gasket... if you need anything else measured let me know now before i throw it back together
  6. Amen to that! i miss driving her, at least it'll have that new truck feel again
  7. finally started the old girl last week after she slept for 4 months took a video too ;) she sounds a little ruff but it was really cold and i didn't use the grids (hot wired for time being) didn't let it warm up either i got no rad at the moment and waste gate valve isn't installed yet so not much turbo whistle either
  8. does anyone have the original cummin's report on mixing motor oil and diesel, I've heard from some people 20% which sounds like way too much and others say you can't add any at all of which is a lie. I'd really like to read the original cummin's write up on this subject
  9. i love knowing that our 1st gens can hit those types of numbers
  10. do you happen to know what type of MPG's Relentless70 gets with his AFC set like that with average driving conditions my mistake on the starwheel as well
  11. not to be picky but i measure my tune by how many times i turn the fuel screw, AFC, and start wheel. we are talking about the 1st gen VE pumps here after all :P btw i got my fuel screw turned in 1.5 turns, smoke screw (afc) bottomed and start wheel cranked downward 6 or 7 turns could still use a little more fuel i'm sure
  12. is your pump turned up or tweaked in anyway?
  13. thank's for the awesome right up ISX that's exactly what i was hoping to find and thank you Mopar1973Man for the handy link i know i had seen it somewhere before but after an hr of looking (at other threads) i gave up. I found some interesting 2nd gen threads though lmao
  14. so i work at a gas station just down the road from me, i always talk to my costumers that drive dodge cummins vehicles! there's one lady that come's in almost everyday day, she has a 96 2500 ext. cab needless to say it's not the happiest sounding 12 valve i've ever heard.... i asked her if she had ever had her valve lash checked ? she looked at me like i was talking about some sort of space shuttle part lmao i then found out the truck has 350,000 km on it (still a baby) but probably needs a valve adjustment! regardless she told me that i should come adjust them for her and that i should give her my # so i did. after talking with her i soon found out she doesn't really care about her valve lash ;) but it still needs to be done. now i know ISX is the 12 valve p7100 king here so i was hoping ISX or someone could tell me if the valve lash procedure is the same for the (94-98.5) as it is for the (89-93) motors, and if there was a write up done with a tool list and a "how to" adjust valve lash on a p-pumped 12 valve, i want to make sure i get it the first time!! thanks for any help in advance and hope ya guys get a kick out this, i sure did yet another reason to love a cummins 12 valve!!!! i know i shouldn't say it but i'm going to anyways cuz we all know she'd rather be cummin' then strokin'
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