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  1. I have 160k miles on my 3/4ton truck 5 speed and have owned it since december. Whole time its had a throwout bearing noise but had no problems driving slipping shifting etc... Well since it has gotten warm last few weeks and only after i drive it say 20miles or more in the heat i have noticed it getting hard to shift into gear. you really have to push clutch all the way hard some times to get it into gear especially reverse and first once you come to a stop. Thanks for your help in advance. Chris
  2. Mike you think a big line kit would help my pressure stay up? Can I use factory filter etc or do I have to have after market pump etc... Big line kit kinda cheap isn't it? Thanks chris ---------- Post added at 07:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:34 PM ---------- How do I tell what turbo mine is? Its a five speed transmission so I figure it has different ex housing from what I have heard. I want to just get truck realiable, I have fixed all oil leaks, done kdp mod, changed lift pump, put lift pump realy mod on, have it on 2stroke diet, can see putting new tires on, clutch, big line kit, muffler, and a programmer or injectors of some sort in future. Trying to do it right. Thanks CD
  3. I have 150,000mile 1999 24 valve. I purchased in december and first thing i checked was lift pump, it was bad 0psi. I didn't know any better so I went to auto parts store and purchased a factory replacement one shaped different but worked. Now today was first time to put fuel and boost on truck and it shows 17-18 at idle and with cruising 2-3psi boost I am getting 15psi fuel. I laid into it in third gear and made 16psi boost and my fuel pressure went to about 8psi and jumped up as soon as i let off. Is this what everyone else is seeing? How about boost is 16psi top of third unloaded about all stock will do? Thanks guys. CD
  4. Guys how tight do you tighten the ferrals on the plastic line for boost? I just don't want to over or under tighten them Thanks CD
  5. Guys I really appreciate your help and what I am going to tell you stays between us right? Me and my 4 year old got under hood today to do a new fuel filter, I drained, took nut loose, removed canister and filter to find my canister was full of SAND DIRT etc..... I am talking few table spoons of the stuff! I cleaned out put new orings on new filter and reinstalled it. I got to thinking where does this thing get its info on water in fuel any ways so I noticed the sensor and realized I had no harness hooked to it!!!! I think this is why every time it rained or snowed I got WATER IN FUEL LIGHT lmao!!!!!!! I found it and hooked it up ran lift pump few times and cranked right up. Thanks everyone for the help! Chris
  6. I am hooking up boost gauge today and couldn't find steel so I got 3/4'' to 1/2 and then 1/2 to 1/8th to hook up my boost line to gauge. I was hoping some of you would say you have done this with no problems but if you think its going be a problem please let me know. Thanks in advance. CD
  7. I had a friend awhile back that didn't purchase anything just tapped into somthing and his gauges dim with factory lighting in his 97 truck. Mine is 99 but figure its same. I can't get ahold of him and ready to hook it up today. Thanks
  8. I got it used off line and guy said he was upgrading to a 3 pod. well I got ready to trial fit it and the speaker is not in correct place and this is one that fits over the factory one you drill holes etc to mount it on top of. errrrrghhhhhhh! Man this makes me mad what year would this have fit on its same demensions as factory as far as lenth width just speaker hole different spot so this makes it impossible to mount on factory one! Any options? Thanks CD
  9. I can see a few fittings but don't want to remove one if its a coolant passage or somthing. Thanks guys this website rocks. Chris
  10. I have two 1/8th pipe fittings in top of my fuel filter one is towards the side and one is closer to the center. I am guessing you want the fuel pressure that has just passed through the filter correct? If anyone has pictures please post so I don't mess this one up. Thanks CD
  11. I have either a throwout bearing or something in bellhousing that is making noise untill you push clutch in or you take off driving. Also it seems now that its getting warmer outside you have to push the pedal all the way down to the floor to get the truck to shift properly. I have 155k miles and have only owned it for 5k miles of it. 1999 155k miles 5 speed. My question for you all is on the purchase of new clutch, I can go to Oreillys and get new one for $350 my price or spend a fortune on other brands??? I plan on doing airdog, big line kit eventually replacing my injection pump that is on way out, BHAF mod, and maybe a 65hp programmer in future. I don't race my truck I don't pull anything or very little so with this being said do you all see this Oreillys clutch being a problem? Has any of you don't napa, oreillys etc clutch and been happy? I have friend that says they are junk and I will go through 5 in two years???? I don't have lot of extra cash right now and the $350 sounds do-able. Thanks in advance. CD
  12. What does this actually do? I am guessing the stock lines are restrictive? Even if truck is stock? Also is this mod worth doing if you don't have a airdog or aftermarket fuel system yet? Thanks CD
  13. I have a ton of AN line and fittings ranging from #3 to #12 lines and fittings. I was wondering if anyone knows off hand the thread type after you remove the Banjo bolts from the filter? Also what size line would ya run i am guessing #6 or #8. Thanks CD
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