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  1. digidoggie18


  2. Perfect, that's exactly what I was looking for... Just making sure I didn't have a relief stuck in the even if possibly another issue... Thanks for the help, you're the man haha
  3. Ok, so I put in a new lift pump from Napa and it sure as **** doesn't keep up whatsoever... Just at idle revving it and watching the fuel pressure to the VP it drops down to like 10 psi ish so I'm confident 55gph can't keep up. One question though, how does the return open in the VP? It is a valve correct? Does it open based on pressure or flow? Or is the return just wide open pushing all excess that isn't picked up by the injection pump? I'm trying to rule out a possible VP problem as well if that's the case prior to dropping 400-600 doing an air dog... I want to be 100 percent sure that it will fix the not having enough flow and low pressure issue. I'm not feeling too confident with this industrial injection vp44 personally... Are you guys confident that the lift is for sure my issue with still hitting that low of pressure? Could there be another issue that could cause that that I could check I.e. Possible air? I really appreciate your guys help... I dunno why the **** the stock lift is rated for 55 gph when it can't even handle it.. It's it possible when I bought the new injection pump that it flows more than the oem pump? I'd like to have some more in depth conversing on the void possible. Anyone have resources on that to do i can learn more about it? On top of everything?
  4. Ahh ok, mine is pretty much road driven and gravel occasionally, nothing too big.. That's what the samurai is for lol. But, I will not be going sump then... I did not realize that and I appreciate the insight
  5. How do you guys feel about a sump instead of a draw straw? I was researching some options this morning and I love the sump idea but I'm still not 100% sold on it... I was looking specifically at the Beans diesel performance sump kit... I was wondering if anyone had issues with sumps and possible sloshing when fuel was really low causing issues.
  6. What would be a good sized pickup to get then? 5/8?
  7. If i can get the kit with a purchase or the tank adapters with a purchase I'll be ok with buying the other
  8. damn man.... I may do that and run with that completely then... I wonder why no one shows everything included... Does it include a line upgrade kit too? I might just go vulcan and purchase the draw straw kit too since he includes the line upgrade...
  9. Where was yours purchased through? I keep seeing the pump setup then I have to shell extra and purchase a 1/2 inch hose kit seperately then shell out for another conversion kit for the in tank pump seperately as well... It's fairly ridiculous they can't just provide an all in one package. what did you mean by runer as well? When I install the new in tank pump if it isn't above 14 I will kick it back.. I just need her temporarily driveable in the case of an emergency is all i.e. bike goes into the shop soon for a couple days... I just need to be able to drive into work that is less than 1/4 mile away
  10. and in the process filtering the tank as well... gotcha... Looks like I am going airdog then... and using your guys contact haha. ugh, this could not have come at a worse time as I am currently broke as ****... I may purchase an in tank pump temporarily to get me by and just push the cash away for the air dog 150 while driving the truck only when I absolutely need it and just riding the motorcycle everyday haha. Will it also hurt the injection pump running a high flow like that without having the HP to support it? i.e. say I move to a 165 instead of a 150?
  11. I am reading up on the fass150... but I am also seeing that a lot of guys are only getting 14 psi from the titanium pumps and I see a lot of things says fass specs are 16 psi... did they design a way to run higher pressure i.e. 20 psi? Or will I not need to worry about it with the flow rate since flow and pressure are not proportional... if not could I run a ball valve on the return line to force a pressure increase and be safe? Would a Raptor 150 work as well instead of going fass or airdog? How reliable are the Raptors? i see they are adjustable too...
  12. Makes sense, i figured I'd ask as I see the 800hp ratings all over, etc.. I had plans to tune and go big hp but honestly, I want to keep her stock with maybe a chip for 65 extra to help with throttle response... That's about as far as I want to go, I want her more reliable as opposed to powerful.. She still handles pulling my toy at stock well here in Colorado too just looking for something suited to my needs you know, plus I was running a Baldwin filter at 5 microns till I started having the surging
  13. Damn... Looks like Its sitting for a couple months while I gather the cash then... Why 150min? Why not 95, etc?
  14. Thank you gentleman very much.. It appears I have found my problem with your advice... At idle my lift pump to the filter and up to the vp44 reads 14, at moderate throttle (halfway) about 10psi, at Wot 0... Lift pump is dead.. So, i don't have 600-1k for a fass or an air dog... What would be my best course of option?
  15. With that being said should i be seeing no less than 14 at the VP port?